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Entries by Allison Kilkenny from 03/2008

Your Insignificance Will Be Televised

| Posted 03.10.2008 | Media

It's true that Americans are consistently exploited by uncaring government and corporate elites, but the amazing thing is that they have not surrendered under the pressure.

The Olbermann Factor

| Posted 03.12.2008 | Media

I'm glad to see Keith is willing to criticize liberals. I was concerned that he had become the left's answer to O'Reilly: yet another egotistical windbag, who confuses his position as an entertainer with journalist.

Bernanke: Lover of Wall Street, Casual Acquaintance of Students

| Posted 03.20.2008 | Business

Corporations are above the law. In fact, elected officials rush around to accommodate them, even when it requires stealing taxpayer money to mend the damage the corporations caused in the first place.

Taxpayers: Pay Up, Suckers!

| Posted 03.27.2008 | Politics

Taxpayers are the victims of an elite group of corrupt carpetbaggers, politicians and executives, who prey on their good nature and willingness to invest in their community.

Beyond November

| Posted 03.27.2008 | Politics

The longer the brawling between Clinton and Obama goes on, the longer the mainstream press ignores McCain, the very thing he needs in order to survive a general election.

Spies R' Us

| Posted 03.31.2008 | Business

The CIA has enlisted Google's help for their exponentially expanding spy network. Google will claim they're aiding the CIA with national security, just as AT&T claimed, just as corporations always claim when they're caught spying on people for the government.