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Entries by Allison Kilkenny from 09/2010

David Brooks and the Centuries of Magical Thinking

| Posted 09.10.2010 | Politics

From behind the gates of their private communities, America continues to thrive for the elites. This is Bobo's America.

Deficit Hypocrites Need Not Fear the Media

| Posted 09.17.2010 | Politics

The establishment media has, thus far, allowed the deficit hypocrites to screech about fiscal responsibility one moment, and then frantically work behind closed doors in the next to ensure the deficit continues to inflate.

But the Air Base Is Safe, Right?

| Posted 09.29.2010 | World

Ineptitude and corruption in Pakistan don't really concern U.S. officials. What concerns them is that Zardari cannot bring stability to a region that is the newest playground for the U.S.'s ever-evolving War on Terror.

You're Not Properly Licensed to Use the Malfunctioning, Eye-Scalding Gun

| Posted 09.30.2010 | Politics

It's interesting that police are using tasers that haven't even been cleared properly by scientists. It should concern people who aren't gun-wielding psychopaths, and may one day be at the receiving end of 50,000 volts of state sanctioned torture.