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Entries by Alvin McEwen from 01/2011

Birther Arrested in Congress Connected With Anti-Obama, Anti-gay Rally

| Posted 01.07.2011 | Politics

You know that zany birther who had the nerve to interrupt Thursday's Congressional reading of the Constitution? She is 48-year-old Theresa Cao of New...

Pawlenty Mingles With Anti-Gay Hate Group, Wants to Reinstate DADT

| Posted 01.18.2011 | Politics

Someone should inform Pawlenty that the lgbt community aren't exactly as compliant as we were back in 2004. And we won't wait until someone uses us as scapegoats before we fight back.

Religious Right Doesn't Want LGBT Children to Have Parental Support

| Posted 01.21.2011 | Religion

The sad irony is that without parental support, LGBT children are more likely to engage in behaviors and thereby become a statistic eagerly cited by religious right leaders.

Michele Bachmann Flunks Basic Knowledge of Constitutional History

| Posted 01.24.2011 | Politics

For someone who is a tea party favorite -- always talking about getting us back to the vision of the Founding Fathers -- Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) isn't up on her Constitutional history.