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Entries by Andrea Chalupa from 11/2009

Paper Towel Smack Down: Which leading brand gives the best bang for the buck?

| Posted 11.02.2009 | Green

If you're like me, you like to eat Nutella at your desk, out of the jar and offer your spoon to any busybody co-worker who walks by, looking disgusted... Balanced Meals in NYC for $10 or Less, Wait, What?

| Posted 11.05.2009 | New York

Sure, you can grab a hot dog or slice of pizza in New York for cheap, but a balanced meal for $10 or less? In Manhattan? is no NBC, but you can still be Tartikoff

| Posted 11.05.2009 | Technology

Aspiring Brandon Tartikoffs (NBC's boy genius who created the Cosby Show, Cheers,  Miami Vice, The Golden Girls and a dozen other shows that have...

How Well Does Luxury Know the Web?

| Posted 11.06.2009 | Technology

Here are some other juicy tidbits, some pulled directly from NYU Professor Scott Galloway's rankings of the digital IQ's of 109 leading luxury brands.

How to Get a Job in Clean Tech

| Posted 11.16.2009 | Green

Jobs in the clean technology industry are growing twice as fast as the national average. So that's where the jobs are. Walletpop spoke with Ron Pernic...

Black Friday Music Video: "Can't Get No Zhu Zhu Pet Blues"

| Posted 11.19.2009 | Style

Oh, Black Friday. That great stampede for bargain prices. There are so many coveted items during this nationwide shopping rush, but none is more sough...

New York Writers Coalition: Writing Saves Lives

| Posted 11.24.2009 | New York

The New York Writers Coalition, a Brooklyn-based non-profit, organizes writing workshops for historically underserved communities. But funding for this life-saving program has fallen off a cliff.

Flocabulary: The New Schoolhouse Rock

| Posted 11.25.2009 | Media

Remember Schoolhouse Rock!? Meet Flocabulary, a program that teaches science, Shakespeare, SAT words and ancient civilization through hip-hop. The m...