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Entries by Andrew Brandt from 05/2011

Courtroom Football: Where We Are, What's Ahead

| Posted 05.05.2011 | Sports

With the Eighth Circuit (the Court) set to rule on whether to grant the NFL a permanent stay in the next day or two -- whether to keep the lockout intact until at least early June -- let's press pause and reset where we are in Courtroom football.

Shooting the Messenger: Goodell Source of Players' Anger

| Posted 05.10.2011 | Sports

There has been quite a bit of acrimony coming the way of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in recent weeks. Players are frustrated with the lockout and it preventing them from going to work and getting paid.

Stay a Little Longer: NFL Lockout Continues

| Posted 05.17.2011 | Sports

The NFL received a major leverage shift from the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday night with a ruling that keeps the NFL-imposed lockout in place through the appeals process, likely until late June or early July, at the earliest.

Latest Court Ruling a Path to the NFL Back in Business?

| Posted 05.19.2011 | Sports

While in theory the players have the stronger argument in Brady v. NFL, in reality they can't wait. Time has been and will continue to be on the owners' side.

The Key to the Future of the NFL: Interpreting the Norris-LaGuardia Act

| Posted 05.26.2011 | Sports

I have received scores of questions asking in different forms the following: "How can two courts interpret the Norris-LaGuardia Act in two completely different ways?" Welcome to the law.