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Entries by Andrew Reinbach from 05/2010

It's 11 O'clock: Do You Know Where Your Party Is?

| Posted 05.11.2010 | Politics

The threatening gestures of Republicans and their allies, displayed after the health care bill passed, seems to have thrown a scare into the party faithful.

Sex Harassment and the Truth

| Posted 05.18.2010 | Books

Tony Seton, a former ABC News producer has an important story about how big institutions cover up sexual harassment, and he's written a novel, because it's a story that would often wind up buried.

Rand Paul and the Road to Perdition

| Posted 05.24.2010 | Politics

What's so remarkable is that Rand Paul seems to think his beliefs are perfectly reasonable. Or, maybe not so remarkable. We're all the product of our upbringing, and Paul grew up with the John Birch Society.

Democrats to Unemployed: Write if You Get Work

| Posted 05.31.2010 | Politics

It was disappointing to watch Democratic senators shred what political edge they've got. They did that, of course, by fleeing Washington for Memorial Day picnics without passing the recent House bill extending unemployment benefits.