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Entries by Andy Plesser from 10/2009

Video: BigThink Goes to College to Find Emerging Influencers

| Posted 10.02.2009 | Technology

Known for its videos of big names like Ted Kennedy, the site is expanding to important "thinkers" who are not necessarily famous.

Anne Frank Film Clip from 1941 Is Huge on YouTube

| Posted 10.04.2009 | Technology

A video showing the 11-year-old Anne Frank for a just 10 seconds, the first moving image of the young diarist, who died in a German concentration camp in 1944, has become a widely viewed.

Video: Yahoo to Expand Original Video Production and Content Acquisition

| Posted 10.06.2009 | Technology

Yahoo has abandoned the quest for the big, broad hit, and is instead focused on reaching particular audiences within news, TV, finance and other areas.

Video: NBC Local Launches iPhone App for Company's Microblogging Platform

| Posted 10.08.2009 | Media

NBC Local, the network of 10 regional U.S. Web sites created around television stations, is expanding its microblogging platform called SoMyCity to the iPhone with a new app which launched this week.

Video: Sir Tim Berners-Lee Says the Semantic Web Has Arrived and the Obama Administration is "Onboard"

| Posted 10.09.2009 | Technology

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, has been on a quest for several years for the adoption of something he has coined the semantic Web -- a data-rich, interconnected Web.

Video: Web's Inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee: Double SlashUnnecessary

| Posted 10.11.2009 | Technology

Asked what he would have done differently in creating the Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, says in this video that  the double slash, the "//" ...

(Video) Tim Berners-Lee to Hollywood: Move from "Channels" to Random Access

| Posted 10.14.2009 | Technology

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, says that as video on the Web continues to grow, the movie industry needs...

(Video) Online Video Initiative at The Economist: "Tea is Served"...but by Whom?

| Posted 10.16.2009 | Media

The Economist, which has been quickly expanding online, is creating original online video with a weekly series entitled "Tea with the Economist." ...

Wall Street Journal Expanding Live Web Video News Programming

| Posted 10.17.2009 | Media

Executive online editor for the Wall Street Journal Alan Murray sees high value in the immediacy of news video on the Web.

Program Alert: Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable, Live on the HuffPo Today @3 p.m. ET

| Posted 10.20.2009 | Technology

Beginning at today (10.20) at 3:00 p.m. ET, Beet.TV will go live from 30 Rockefeller Plaza with an in industry roundtable on the future of online vide...

Video: Beet.TV Links up With NBC on Content Deal...and Owen Thomas Is my Editor!

| Posted 10.20.2009 | Media

I'm pleased to announce that Beet.TV has a syndication agreement with NBC Local Media to provide our videos to NBCBayArea for its growing technology coverage.

(Video) Believe It: Niche Video News Producers like Beet.TV Can Succeed, Chief

| Posted 10.22.2009 | Media

As an online video news source, has the enormous advantage of the resources of NBC, but opportunities exist for video news producers who...

(Video) Patent Trouble: Nokia Sues Apple in U.S. Court Over iPhone

| Posted 10.22.2009 | Technology

ESPOO, FINLAND - Earlier today Nokia filed suit in a U.S. federal court alleging patent infringement by Apple and iPhone.  The Wall Street Jo...

Exclusive: Readies New Video Player for Facebook

| Posted 10.23.2009 | Media,  was the first major video provider to provide an embeddable player, allowing users to play videos on their sites.  Finding w...

(Video)CNN Now in "Horse Race" with Huffington Post and Daily Beast

| Posted 10.23.2009 | Media has taken notice of the Huffington Post and the Daily Beast as "opinion destinations" and wants to be in that "horse in that race,"

Video Exclusive: Has 6 Million Followers on Twitter -- Beating #1 Ashton Kutcher by Over 2 Millon

| Posted 10.24.2009 | Media has nearly 6 million followers on Twitter, according to KC Estenson, Sr. VP and Gneral Manager of told Beet.TV in this video inte...

Microsoft Claims 10X Engagement with Sunday Night Football on (Video)

| Posted 10.26.2009 | Technology

Microsoft's Silverlight software is powering the new videoplayer used by for Sunday Sunday Night Football.  It is registering...

CNN Pulls UGC Closer with Integration of iReport (Video)

| Posted 10.26.2009 | Media

Having established iReport three years ago, CNN is the most established mainstream media organization publishing user generated content.  Wi...

(Video) Tech Advertising on Upswing: Wall Street Journal Sees "Big Uptick in Q4"

| Posted 10.27.2009 | Media

We were encouraged to read today's Wall Street Journal report about the projected uptick in technology advertising for 2010.  ...

(Video) The Internet Turns 40 Today, but it Has a Long Way to Go, Vint Cerf

| Posted 10.29.2009 | Technology

By most accounts, the Internet was born back on October 29, 1969 by two researchers, Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn. Cerf is now Google's Chief Internet Evangelist.