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Entries by Andy Plesser from 08/2011

VIDEO: CNN's iReport at Five Years: "Core of How We Tell Big, Breaking Stories"

| Posted 08.01.2011 | Media

2011-08-01-Screenshot20110801at11.12.32AM.jpg On Tuesday, hundreds of citizen reporters around the world will attend Meetups organized by CNN to mark the fifth anniversary of its iReport.

Digitas' Jordan Bitterman: ROI for Online Video Advertising Is Double Television's

| Posted 08.03.2011 | Technology

2011-08-03-Screenshot20110803at11.13.34AM.jpg While advertisers and ad networks are driving online video ad rates "to the floor," the lower prices are making the media more efficient.

World's Biggest Online Video Ad Network Moves to Cost-Per-Engagement Pricing Model

| Posted 08.08.2011 | Technology

Tremor is one of the first video ad networks to sell pre-rolls on a cost-per-engagement basis. That's an important metric because engagement is a sought-after measurement by advertisers and it's one that's been hard to come by so far on the Web.

Kara Swisher on Beet.TV and the "Next Era of Journalism"

| Posted 08.09.2011 | Media

"I really like to see a lot of small media companies like Andy's just take the diversity that is really encouraging and move it into the next era of journalism," Kara Swisher, co-executive editor of All Things Digital, tells Alison Kitchens of the American Journalism Review.

"Premium Video" Is Defined by Both Producer and Audience

| Posted 08.10.2011 | Technology

What constitutes premium content is important as online video takes on a greater portion of new media budgets; eMarketer has said online video advertising will hit $2 billion this year, a 52% rise, and much of that will go to premium inventory.

Bloomberg's Online Video Views Double in Midst of Market Turmoil

| Posted 08.10.2011 | Media

Views of videos on doubled on Monday (8.8) as turmoil roiled the global markets, a spokesperson has told Beet.TV via email. Overall traffic to the site on that day was up 62 percent over the average.

"ONLINE VIDEO GOES PRIMETIME" Beet.TV Leadership Webcast Live, August 23 at 3:00 P.M. EDT

| Posted 08.23.2011 | Technology

Watch live streaming video from beet_tv at Please check back to this page on Tuesday, August 23 at 3:00 p.m. EDT for a two-anda-half ho...

VIDEO: NBC News to Expand Microsites, Chief Digital Officer Vivian Schiller

| Posted 08.25.2011 | Media

NBC News, which has registered success in creating microsites around specific shows including the Today Show, will be expanding the number of microsites, says Vivian Schiller, Chief Digital Officer.

VIDEO: Advertising on Hulu Is Twice as Effective As Television, Kevin McGurn

| Posted 08.25.2011 | Technology

Hulu, the entertainment portal which is also the biggest online video advertising platform, having served nearly one billion ads last month, provides double the return to advertisers, compared to television.

ScrollMotion: A Revolution in Motion Graphics, Defining a New Form of Video for Apps

| Posted 08.29.2011 | Technology

Beet.TV sat down with ScrollMotion co-founder Josh Koppel, who has an extensive background in motion graphics and video, to explain how his company is redefining the very notion of the moving image in digital media.

Nielsen Rolls Out GRP Measurement for Online Video

| Posted 08.29.2011 | Media

Nielsen has introduced a new system for publishers and advertisers to measure gross rating point (GRP's) across web properties, social networks and around online video. Claims Higher Ad Completion Rates

| Posted 08.31.2011 | Technology