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Entries by Andy Worthington from 01/2009

The Dying Days of the Guantanamo Trials

| Posted 01.08.2009 | World

The Military Commissions to try Guantanamo detainees have rarely grabbed the media attention that a novel, flagship program to try "terror suspects" should have attracted.

Seven Years of Guantanamo, Seven Years of Torture and Lies

| Posted 01.11.2009 | World

Seven years later, it should be abundantly clear that none of the defenders of Guantanamo who indulged in hysterical rhetoric had any idea what they were talking about.

Judge Orders Release of Guantanamo's Forgotten Child

| Posted 01.15.2009 | World

Just two weeks ago, in a habeas corpus case in a Washington D.C. court, Judge Richard Leon turned the clock back to January 11, 2002 (the day Guantán...

Chaos and Lies: Why Obama Was Right To Halt The Guantanamo Trials

| Posted 01.22.2009 | World

In one of his first acts as president, Obama ordered prosecutors in Guantanamo's Military Commission trials to ask for a four-month stay on all proceedings.

Obama's Decisive Break with Bush's "War on Terror" Policies

| Posted 01.23.2009 | World

Obama's new Orders are a bold start, but more detail is required, dangerous loopholes must be shut off permanently, and other parts of the Bush administration's dark legacy need to be swiftly addressed.

How Cooking For The Taliban Gets You Life In Guantanamo

| Posted 01.29.2009 | World

Those of us who prefer justice to arbitrary and unaccountable detention without charge or trial were delighted when, last week, Barack Obama fulfilled...