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Entries by Andy Worthington from 07/2009

Release of the "Holy Grail" of Torture Reports Delayed Again

| Posted 07.01.2009 | Politics

Today was supposed to be the day that the Justice Department -- after two delays -- released an unclassified version of the CIA Inspector General's 2004 Report into the interrogations of "high-value detainees."

Why Trial Date for African Embassy Bombing Suspect Is Good News

| Posted 07.03.2009 | Politics

The government will not use any statements made by the suspect in secret prisons, nor will the evidence "be very different" from that used when his alleged co-conspirators were tried by the federal court in 2001.

Military Commissions: Government Flounders, As Admiral Hutson Nails Problems

| Posted 07.08.2009 | Politics

A legal quagmire that lacks legitimacy and maintains key policies of the Bush administration's "War on Terror" is almost too awful to contemplate.

Former Insider Shatters Credibility of Military Commissions

| Posted 07.11.2009 | Politics

Lt. Col. Vandeveld said, "I simply could not in good conscience continue to work for an ad-hoc, hastily created apparatus whose evident resort to expediency and ethical compromise were so contrary to my own."

Will Eric Holder Be the Anti-Torture Hero?

| Posted 07.12.2009 | Politics

On torture, if Daniel Klaidman is to be believed, Eric Holder may finally be on the verge of doing the right thing.

Predictable Chaos as Guantanamo Trials Resume

| Posted 07.18.2009 | Politics

With no visible progress this was another dismal outing for the Commissions, and another warning for the Obama administration that any kind of revival of the wretched trial system will remain fraught with insoluble problems.

House Threatens Obama Over Chinese Interrogation of Uighurs in Guantanamo

| Posted 07.21.2009 | World

Although 13 of the Uighurs are still held at Guantanamo, all of the men -- who had fled persecution in China -- were cleared of being "enemy combatants" by the Bush administration and by the U.S. courts.

As Judge Orders Release of Tortured Guantanamo Prisoner, Government Refuses to Concede Defeat

| Posted 07.31.2009 | World

I still have no firm idea why Obama and Holder have allowed the Justice Department to pursue unjustifiable and unwinnable habeas cases, resulting in humiliation after humiliation.