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Entries by Ari Melber from 12/2007

Clinton Backs Habeas Corpus as Supremes Deliberate

| Posted 12.05.2007 | Politics

"Congress has spoken," the Bush administration said today, citing the Military Commissions Act to defend its practice of holding detainees indefinitely and suspending habeas corpus in the fight against terrorists.

Bush Spinner Talks Media, Bloggers & 2008

| Posted 12.07.2007 | Politics

Reading anything into Dan Bartlett's statements about the Democratic candidates is like asking Karl Rove to give Obama campaign advice.

The GOP's Ticking Time Bomb

| Posted 12.12.2007 | Politics

Republican pandering to anti-gay sentiment could endanger our national security and allow the preventable injury or death of American citizens.

Anonymous Hillary Blogger on Offense

| Posted 12.12.2007 | Politics

For all its lies, bias and negativity, though, Hillaryis44 is effective.

Lieberman's New Kiss of Death

| Posted 12.16.2007 | Politics

By not even waiting to see who the Democrats nominate, Lieberman is revealing that the issues aren't important to him.

Clinton Backer Bob Kerrey on Smearing Obama

| Posted 12.18.2007 | Politics

Kerrey's comments are distinct because he is the highest level Clinton supporter to publicly push the Muslim smears against Obama, and he is also ratcheting up the rhetoric.

Dodd, Edwards and Netroots Indecision

| Posted 12.19.2007 | Politics

After halting President Bush's spying bill this week, Chris Dodd is getting some political love online. The campaign's official blogger tells The Nati...

Who is Behind

| Posted 12.20.2007 | Politics

HillaryAttacks has the pointed feel of opposition research, with crisp videos arguing that she is Rovian in her fights with Dems and Cheney-esque in her rhetoric against Iran.

Does Facebook Own You? (The "New Privacy")

| Posted 12.20.2007 | Media

Growing up online, young people assume their inner circle knows their business. The "new privacy" is about controlling how many people know--not if anyone knows.

John Edwards + Ben Harper = Most Electable?

| Posted 12.21.2007 | Politics

A growing share of Democratic voters say choosing the most electable candidate is more important than the issues...I think electability is a strategically flawed and morally vapid way to pick the next President.

"Support The Troops" - Literally

| Posted 12.24.2007 | Healthy Living

The holidays are a good time to literally support the troops. You can help our men and women in uniform by donating to USO, the non-profit organization that serves soldiers and their families.

Facebook & The National Surveillance State

| Posted 12.27.2007 | Politics

Facebook is under mounting public pressure over how the company manages and monetizes the personal information of its 58 million users. Fights over ho...

Iowa Bloggers Flex Their Muscles

| Posted 12.28.2007 | Politics

Reporters from around the world will cover next week's Iowa caucuses, but they won't be the only ones explaining the arcane process that helps select our next president.