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Entries by Ari Melber from 02/2008

Obama's Star-Studded YouTube Music Video

| Posted 02.02.2008 | Entertainment
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"Yes We Can," a music video adapted from Obama's speech in New Hampshire by the Black Eyed Peas' and director Jesse Dylan, Bob Dylan's son.

Obama's Super Bowl Ad

| Posted 02.03.2008 | Entertainment

The ad features Obama calling on football fans and voters to unite and end the war, fight fear and division, renew the economy and stand up for "something new."

Super Tuesday Reveals A November Strategy

| Posted 02.05.2008 | Politics

The Super Tuesday elections could answer the core political question that vexes Democrats. Is this a year when voters will bear down or lift up?

Obama's Wired Tuesday Push

| Posted 02.05.2008 | Politics

Unlike Dean, the Obama campaign does not stress its historic Internet success or run early victory laps in the blogosphere.

Today's Choice: More Bush Spying?

| Posted 02.05.2008 | Politics

This week Americans face a profound choice--and it has nothing to do with the presidential election. The Senate is about to vote on legislation, favo...

Obama Wins Big on Independents

| Posted 02.06.2008 | Politics

Obama won independents by 15 points in Clinton's home state, and by 30 points in California. In the swing state of Missouri, independents flocked to Obama by a decisive 37 points.

Obama Claims New Lead

| Posted 02.06.2008 | Politics

The Obama campaign manager says that he won 9 more delegates than Clinton, based on a pledged delegate estimate conducted overnight by analysts in the campaign's Chicago "boiler room."

Clinton's Super Tuesday Working Class Edge

| Posted 02.07.2008 | Politics

Polls have been wrong about most things this cycle. But voter turnout shows that Clinton is holding onto poor and working class voters. And the Democratic nominee needs their support to win.

Obama Downloads $7.9 Million from MoveOn and Web Donors

| Posted 02.07.2008 | Politics

Barack Obama just shattered another grassroots fundraising record, drawing over $7.9 million in a two-day juggernaut ending Thursday. The large haul,...

Obama Always Loses

| Posted 02.08.2008 | Media

Apparently some reporters have ditched polls since New Hampshire, basing expectation on even less reliable baselines like "fervor."

Dems Fight Spying with Clinton and Obama MIA

| Posted 02.11.2008 | Politics

The past few months of the spying debate do reveal both the promise and residual frailty of this mildly resurgent Democratic Party.

Does Facebook Own You Forever?

| Posted 02.11.2008 | Media

In a recent feature article on Facebook and the "new privacy," I stressed how the company's invasive data policy seizes lots of information from users...

Iraq Divides Clinton and Obama in Electability War

| Posted 02.12.2008 | Politics

Most of the time, electability is a parlor game for insiders, who shift from (irrelevant) past polling to the titillating speculation of (even less reliable) projection polling.

The Blackroots' Edwards Victory

| Posted 02.14.2008 | Politics
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Donna Edwards' victory over Congressman Al Wynn in this week's Maryland primary is not only a triumph for progressives and prominent bloggers. It is ...

Clinton Lies About Plagiarism Attack

| Posted 02.19.2008 | Politics

The Clinton campaign's attack on Obama's use of the line "just words" was widely panned as a baseless and desperate ploy. Her cover-up might go over even worse.

Defending McCain from Adultery, Corruption and The Times

| Posted 02.21.2008 | Politics

The G.O.P. elites aren't mad that McCain did any of thoee things. They're upset that the media is covering it.

McCain & The "Liberal Media" Endorsements

| Posted 02.26.2008 | Media

Some top journalists say that newspapers should just end endorsements altogether.

Proof of Obama's Red State Appeal?

| Posted 02.26.2008 | Politics

If a bipartisan, anti-war plank serves Democrats well in Virginia, it can help them excel anywhere. Obama is already running on that message, while Clinton struggles with it.

Why the Muslim Smear is Bigger than Islam

| Posted 02.29.2008 | Politics

The larger imperative of a smear is to undermine the character, credibility and honesty of the candidate, developing a resilient narrative to poison media coverage.