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Entries by Ari Melber from 11/2008

Obama Launches Final Attack on McCain (Breaking in FL)

| Posted 11.03.2008 | Politics

On this last day before the election, Sen. Barack Obama is urging voters to relive some humiliating history. Speaking in Jacksonville, Florida, Obama...

Obama's Victory as Progress, Not History

| Posted 11.04.2008 | Politics

Across the country, with their votes and their activism, people are firmly backing this famous "change" agenda.

How You YouTubed This Election (Video)

| Posted 11.06.2008 | Politics

In America's first YouTube election, it turns out the voters were mainly in charge -- not the campaigns or news organizations.

Obama's Secret Email Network Revealed

| Posted 11.10.2008 | Politics

Obama's team wants everyone to know -- this massive list of energized activists is the biggest stick Obama will carry in Washington.

Facebooking Obama's Cabinet

| Posted 11.12.2008 | Politics

The cyberstalking of Obama's administration has begun.

Obama, Bush & The War Crimes

| Posted 11.25.2008 | Politics

Obama must scrutinize and disassemble the post-Sept. 11 imperial presidency, even if he reduces his own power in the process.