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Entries by Arianna Huffington from 11/2005

Judy Miller: Back in the Bosom of the Times?

| Posted 11.01.2005 | Politics
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When last we left the Judy Miller soap opera, “As the Times Turns”, Judy was demanding the chance to write an op-ed answering her critics, while her bosses were trying to find a way to fire her without unleashing her legendary wrath. Sources tell me that the melodrama has taken a surprising turn, and that, as of this morning, the faction within the paper pushing for a Miller comeback -- aka Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr. -- is winning the day. Trust me, Judy staying would be such a ludicrous turn of events that it’s hard to even type those words. But I report, you decide…

Ahmad Chalabi's Comeback Tour

| Posted 11.01.2005 | Politics
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Talk about timing. Just as Harry Reid is forcing the question of faulty WMD intel back onto the front burner, comes word that Ahmad Chalabi, the source of much of that faulty intel, the neocon-darling-turned-persona-non- grata-turned-Iraqi-Deputy-Prime-Minister, is coming to Washington. It will be his first visit to DC since the White House soured on him back in May 2004 and those Pentagon checks stopped coming. For his comeback tour, Chalabi has lined up meetings with Condi Rice, John Snow, and NSA advisor Stephen Hadley. It's the political version of getting the band back together. No word, though, on whether Chalabi will be calling on his old pal Scooter Libby, to whom he turned when the CIA stopped buying his bull...

Chris Matthews and the Power of Repetition

| Posted 11.02.2005 | Entertainment
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You've got to love Chris Matthews. Over the last two weeks, he’s been relentless in bringing home to his audience again and again and again the political alchemy of turning crap into gold via a deadly game of neocon telephone tag. Cheney to Libby to Chalabi to Miller back to Libby for confirmation by “a senior administration official” (or is it “former Hill staffer”?)… then right to the front pages of the Times, which Cheney and Rice and Powell and Meyers and Rummy can wave around as “proof”. A simple, eye-opening narrative that exemplifies the way the war was sold.

Why the Dems Need James Carville to Take a Long, Long Vacation

| Posted 11.03.2005 | Huffington Post

Can somebody please, please, please shut Carville up--especially about Plamegate. His takes on the scandal are utterly compromised by his marriage to Mary Matalin.

From the Desk of Karl Rove: Operation Avian Freedom

| Posted 11.04.2005 | Huffington Post

With the bird flu virus popping up in Europe, I think we need to pull out the first-term playbook and go with what got us that 77-percent approval rating: I say it's time to declare war on the bird flu! After spending a few more months scaring Congress and the American people with details of the gathering threat (quick, what is the poultry equivalent of aluminum tubes?), we should ask for a few hundred billion dollars and authorization to preemptively and forcibly vaccinate all of Europe in an effort to "take the fight to the enemy over there, so we won't have to fight them here."  That's right, it's Flypaper II.  And this time it could actually work!

Withdrawal from Iraq: Party Lines are Crumbling

| Posted 11.04.2005 | Politics
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According to a Hillary supporter who spoke to her at one of her recent Hollywood fundraisers: "Hillary basically said that since the White House is going to end up pulling troops out anyway before the election, Democrats can just stand by and let it happen without going out on a limb. She thinks that anyone one who lays out a plan is going to be immediately shot down. Better to just keep hammering the president for not having a plan of his own." How very meta. Say that we need a plan, criticize the president for not having a plan, but avoid -- at all costs -- coming up with a plan of your own.
From the Desk of Karl Rove: Operation Avian Freedom

Sunday Round-Up

| Posted 11.06.2005 | Huffington Post

In the wake of the Libby indictment, this week President Bush tried to change the subject to Alito and avian flu, while Harry Reid and the Senate Dems finally located their spines and kept the spotlight on Plamegate and the war. Check out some of this week's best blogs below, as well as Jane Hamsher, Jeralyn Merritt, Stephen Kaus and Alan Gerson on Plamegate, Flavia Colgan and Bill Scher facing off on Alito, and Patt Morrison learning to love the bird flu. Plus don't miss the latest satiric offerings from Danielle Crittenden and Jerry and Joe Long.

Russert Watch: "Yours Truly"

| Posted 11.07.2005 | Media

On Sunday's Meet the Press, Russert said there were "five government officials and three journalists, including yours truly, included in [the Plamegate indictment]." That's it. Just one cute, glib mention of his involvement. But it's not enough, and thanks to Tom Maguire, Mickey Kaus, and Accuracy in Media, we know just how not-enough it is. If Russert wants to emerge from this mess with more credibility than Scooter Libby, he needs to stop letting bloggers tell the public what may or may not be going on. Truly.

Keeping the Pressure On: the Dems Should Demand a No Pardon Pledge

| Posted 11.07.2005 | Politics
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When the elder George Bush pardoned Cap Weinberger on the eve of his 1992 trial on charges that he had lied to Congress about Iran/Contra, he praised Weinberger as "a true American patriot" who "has rendered long and extraordinary service to our country". George W used strikingly similar language when he accepted Libby's resignation on October 28: "Scooter has worked tirelessly on behalf of the American people and sacrificed much in the service of this country." Was he sending Cheney's Cheney a not-so-subtle message? Is "service to this country" the new "they turn in clusters"? All the more reason for Senate Democrats to send the president the letter they are working on, calling on him to pledge that he won't pardon Libby.

Dick Durbin Tees Off

| Posted 11.08.2005 | Huffington Post

Getting ready to take my 14 year old to school this morning, I turned on C-SPAN 2. "Oh, no, not C-SPAN 2 again," she said. I was about to concede and switch over to Katie and Matt when I was suddenly captured by the power and passion of what I was hearing. Sen. Dick Durbin was fuming with outrage over Ahmed Chalabi's arrival in Washington today:...

Ahmad Does D.C.: An Alternative Chalabi Itinerary

| Posted 11.08.2005 | Huffington Post

Chalabi’s got a very busy schedule planned, including meetings with Condi Rice, John Snow, and Stephen Hadley. There is also talk of a private meeting with his longtime champion, Dick Cheney. So he's pretty booked up. But, with all due respect, I’d like to suggest some additions to Mr. Chalabi’s D.C. itinerary. How about starting with a visit to FBI Headquarters? Chalabi is currently under investigation, suspected of telling the Iranian government that America had broken the code it used for secret communications. But close to a year-and-a-half after Condi Rice promised a criminal investigation into the charges, the FBI has still not questioned Chalabi. Now seems like a perfect time. Condi can walk him over to the Hoover Building after their meeting and make all the necessary introductions. READ MORE


Rub Elbows With Judy Miller, Just $375!

| Posted 11.08.2005 | Huffington Post

Today will be a red letter day for fans of discredited neocon idols. This afternoon, Ahmad Chalabi will be in Washington, giving a speech at the American Enterprise Institute. And in the evening, Judy Miller will be in New York, taking part in a panel discussion on reporters’ privilege at the Sheraton Hotel. READ MORE

Ahmad Does D.C.: An Alternative Chalabi Itinerary What do you say, Ahmad? You up for a little detour from your planned comeback tour? I’ve got a feeling it would prove very educational -- if not for you, then certainly for the American public. READ MORE


Arnold Ready for Political Make-Up Sex

| Posted 11.09.2005 | Huffington Post

Watching Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s quasi-concession speech last night, I was struck by the contrite, conciliatory, “can’t we all just get along?” tone. There he was tossing verbal bouquets to foes like state Senate leader Don Perata, and pledging to find “common ground” with the folks he’d just spent the better part of the last year attacking, trashing, and lambasting as “girlie-men”. And it struck me, isn’t this exactly the way an abuser operates? Bully, browbeat, name-call -- to say nothing of spend millions on attack ads -- and then desperately try to kiss and make up… READ MORE



Judy is Out; Wants It Made Clear She Didn’t Screw Libby (Just the American Public)

| Posted 11.09.2005 | Entertainment
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No one really cares if Judy and Scooter had a sexual entanglement. We are far more concerned about their political entanglement. The kind where agendas intertwine, and fiction gets massaged into fact.

Dear News Cycle, Thank You for the Lovely Anniversary Presents

| Posted 11.09.2005 | Huffington Post

November 9th marked the six month anniversary of the launch of the Huffington Post and, apparently, the news cycle remembered because it showered us with a bounty of gifts. Among my favorites: Election Night ’05, the fact that Iraq is back on the media front burner, and the day’s unexpected bauble, the “retirement” of Judy Miller. This one is the gift that keeps on giving, producing both merriment and nausea… READ MORE JUDY IS OUT; WANTS IT MADE CLEAR SHE DIDN’T SCREW LIBBY (JUST THE AMERICAN PUBLIC) TiVo Alert: Tonight, Judy Miller on Larry King and Arthur Sulzberger on Charlie Rose. Let the rehab spin begin!

Judy Miller Weighs in on Snitches, Quacking Bloggers, and Her “Dog” Days at the Times

| Posted 11.10.2005 | Politics
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As promised, friends BlackBerried me from the Media Law Resource Center dinner in New York Wednesday night, where Judy Miller was on a panel discussin...

Judy Miller Roundup

| Posted 11.10.2005 | Huffington Post

So Judy Miller is finally gone. But only from the New York Times. Indeed, she has turned her considerable energies to the web (welcome, Judy!). How is...

Chalabi and the Times: A Tale of Two Ahmads

| Posted 11.10.2005 | Politics
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In one of those delicious coincidences, Day One of the post-Judy era at the Times delivered a noticeable shift in the paper’s coverage of Judy’s old pal Ahmad Chalabi. For months, the paper has insisted on identifying the discredited neocon darling by his latest official title -- “deputy prime minister” -- without a nod to the key role he played in providing the bogus intel the White House used to sell the war. This is like doing a story on Ken Lay and describing him as “a prominent Houston businessman”. Thursday morning’s story about Chalabi’s trip to Washington painted a fuller picture…. READ MORE

The L.A. Times' Loss Is HuffPost's Gain

| Posted 11.11.2005 | Politics
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We are selfishly delighted that the Los Angeles Times has made the shortsighted decision to cancel Bob Scheer's column after 12 years. The L.A. Times' loss is our gain. Starting next Wednesday morning, loyal readers of Bob Scheer's weekly column will now find it at the top of the Huffington Post homepage. And those HuffPost readers who are not Bob Scheer regulars are in for a treat. I've been sparring with Bob, both agreeing and disagreeing, for ten years on KCRW's Left, Right, and Center, and now look forward to having him as a regular on HuffPost and to the launch of TruthDig, his new current affairs webzine. For more, read what Bob Berger, Scheer's original editor, and Robert Greenwald have to say about this.

Judy's Post-Times Rehab Tour

| Posted 11.11.2005 | Politics
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In claiming on Larry King, "I have chosen to resign because over the last few months, I have become the news, something a New York Times reporter never wants to be," Miller reveals that, in her mind, she is just an innocent victim of circumstances -- one who bears no responsibility in her having "become the news." Same thing when she talks of having "become a lightning rod for public fury over the intelligence failures that helped lead our country to war" -- as if this were just a freak accident of nature, instead of the direct result of her overly credulous reporting. Miller continues to not accept responsibility. For anything.

Judy and Pinch Have a Hard Time Keeping Their Stories Straight on the Big House

| Posted 11.11.2005 | Politics
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Whatever you may think of her, Judy Miller did spend 85 days in jail. So how rough was Miller's time behind bars? It's hard to say, actually. Your perspective just might depend on whether you're a fan of CNN or PBS. Appearing on Charlie Rose last night, Arthur Sulzberger described the Alexandria Detention Center as "truly a despicable place... as grim as any place I've been." But earlier in the night on Larry King, Miller herself painted a very different picture of the jail: "It was a very professional place. It was very well-run… It was a fascinating experience for me." No wonder these two had to part ways... READ MORE


Chalabi on Misleading America to War: Dude, It's An Urban Myth, Totally!

| Posted 11.11.2005 | Huffington Post

I've just come out of hearing Ahmad Chalabi speak at the Council on Foreign Relations. My main takeaway from the speech was the dissonance between Iraq's reality and Chalabi's presentation. A half-hour after leaving the speech, I got a surprising message through the Council from Chalabi's office asking if I could meet him for breakfast tomorrow morning at 8:15 at his hotel. I really would have loved to but my flight for L.A. leaves at 7 a.m. Too bad. It would have been great to blog about "My Breakfast with Chalabi."

Update: My Dinner with Chalabi But that was not the end. Since breakfast was not possible, I was invited to dinner at Megu, a Japanese restaurant in TriBeCa with his daughter and members of his entourage. More about my surreal evening chilling with Chalabi on Monday (I'm off to San Diego to board the M.S. Oosterdam for a weekend on The Nation magazine seminar cruise to Mexico). Oh yes, but before I sign off, Chalabi did tell me he was meeting with Cheney on Monday and that he had met with Judy Miller on Thursday.

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 11.13.2005 | Huffington Post

It’s hard to say who had a worse week, Arnold Schwarzenegger (0-for-4), Judy Miller (out the door), Terrell Owens (fatal foot-in-mouth disease), or President Bush (tough to lead when 57% of the public doesn’t think you’re honest). But it was a good week here at the HuffPost, as we celebrated our six-month anniversary with much gratitude to all our bloggers -- and our HuffPost regulars. Be sure and check out some of this week's best blogs below as well as Harry Shearer’s memorable multi-part series on Goin’ Back to New Orleans. And don't miss Marty Kaplan's Russert Watch.

The Liberal Love Boat

| Posted 11.14.2005 | Huffington Post

I've had a great weekend on board the M. S. Oosterdam, taking part in the 8th annual "Seminar Cruise" sponsored by The Nation Magazine. It was great sharing the high seas with Victor Navasky, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Bob Scheer, Calvin Trillin, Amy Wilentz, and close to 500 progressive friends. Call it the Liberal Love Boat. The only things missing were Julie, Gopher, Isaac and Captain Stubing (more on the cruise later). I sadly have to leave the cruise early, getting off at Cabo today to get back to the kids -- and the HuffPost (not much Internet access aboard the Oosterdam). No Meet the Press, either -- so many thanks to Marty Kaplan for stepping in to do Russert Watch. Check out his spot-on takedown of Russert's interviews with Ken Mehlman and Howard Dean. Land ho!

Chillin' with Chalabi: My Journey into the Surreal

| Posted 11.14.2005 | Huffington Post

Ahmad Chalabi's Washington visit hit the top floor Monday, as he met with Don Rumsfeld in the morning and Dick Cheney in the afternoon. No official word on what they discussed -- but I got a sneak peek Friday night over the course of a surrealistic four-hour dinner with Chalabi at Megu, a Japanese restaurant in Tribeca... READ MORE

Bill Frist Gets Nailed on "The Today Show"