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Entries by Arianna Huffington from 08/2007

Be a Part of HuffPost's Online-Only Presidential Candidate Mashup

| Posted 08.02.2007 | Politics

The Huffington Post -- in partnership with Yahoo! and Slate -- is really happy to announce that we now have a date for the first-ever online-only presidential candidate mashup. The event is set for September 12.

GOP Des Moines Debate LiveBlog on HuffPost

| Posted 08.04.2007 | Politics

Just as we did during the CNN/YouTube Democratic debate, HuffPost is going to be liveblogging ABC's GOP debate in Iowa on Sunday morning. And, in an effort to cover all the bases, we'll have two different kinds of experts offering their real-time reactions to the candidates' performances: Political Brain author and language expert, Drew Westen, and John Neffinger, a specialist in nonverbal communication. So be sure to check out this space Sunday at 9 am ET. Be a Part of HuffPost's Online-Only Presidential Candidate Mashup Send us your questions for our candidate mashup set for September 12th as a comment to this post, shot on video or delivered by a podcast. TiVo Alert: Sunday morning at 10 AM ET I'll be on Reliable Sources discussing YearlyKos with Howard Kurtz and Chris Cillizza of WashPost's "The Fix."

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 08.04.2007 | Politics
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It was another trying week for those of us who prefer our Democrats with vertebrae. Terrified that a terrorist attack that the GOP could pin on them might happen over the Congressional recess, Senate and House Democrats approved a White House-crafted bill expanding the president's ability to eavesdrop without a court order. Thank goodness they won control of Congress in November. "Al-Qaeda is not going on vacation this month," said Mitch McConnell. "And we can't either until we know we've done our duty to the American people." For you keeping tabs on the vacation front, that's Iraqi Parliament and United States Congress, yes; al-Qaeda, no. But hey, the president still needs to get prior approval from two people. One of them is Alberto Gonzales. Feel better now?

Show Me the Money! That's Exactly What FundRace 2008 Will Do

| Posted 08.05.2007 | Politics
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We are pleased to announce HuffPost's FundRace 2008, an exciting new feature that lets our HuffPost community explore the details of exactly who is funding -- and influencing -- the 2008 presidential election.

Introducing "Dr. Mona Knows"

| Posted 08.06.2007 | Healthy Living
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We are delighted to announce the launch of the Huffington Post's first advice column, "Dr. Mona Knows." Mona has an uncanny talent for getting to the heart of the matter. READ MORE Campaign Alchemy: Candidates Turn Negative Comments into Fundraising Gold Welcome to one of the hottest new trends of Campaign 2008: raising money by being insulted. Or, at least, acting like you've been insulted. READ MORE Show Me the Money! That's Exactly What FundRace 2008 Will Do FundRace makes it easy for anybody interested in how our political system works to find out who is contributing to whom and to break down donations into a wide variety of categories. READ MORE

Campaign Alchemy: Candidates Turn Negative Comments into Fundraising Gold

| Posted 08.09.2007 | Politics
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Welcome to one of the hottest new trends of Campaign 2008: raising money by being insulted. Or, at least, acting like you've been insulted.

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 08.11.2007 | Politics
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This week, we learned that Hillary Clinton was, in fact, for taking nuclear weapons off the table before she was against it. When the AP pointed out the contradiction of Clinton attacking Barack Obama as "irresponsible and frankly naive" for espousing the same position she had espoused, her campaign scrambled to find its hair-splitters. The money quote came from Clinton spokesman Phil Singer, who explained that when Hillary said last year that she wouldn't use nukes she wasn't "speaking as a presidential candidate." Gee, I never realized that when it comes to hypocrisy, U.S. Senators who are members of the Armed Services Committee are held to a different standard than U.S. Senators seeking to be the commander in chief. How frankly naive of me.

Rove Exits with His Usual M.O.: Delusional, Fanatical, and Deceptive

| Posted 08.13.2007 | Politics
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In his exit-announcing interview with WSJ editorial page editor Paul Gigot, the man dubbed the Boy Genius manifested all the worst traits of the administration he helped forge.

Why Are the New York Times and So Much of the Traditional* Media Neglecting a Vital Part of the Utah Mine Collapse Story?

| Posted 08.14.2007 | Media
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As Jon Stewart has put it, one of the best ways to deal with members of the media is show them a shiny object over here, which distracts them from investigating the real story over there. And Bob Murray has been very shiny indeed.

It Shouldn't Have Taken the Deaths of Three Rescuers to Get the Media to Focus on Mine Safety

| Posted 08.17.2007 | Media
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After the tragic second collapse at the Utah mine, there was a dramatic shift in the TV coverage of the story, with important safety questions finally being asked. This prompted one more: What took so long?

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 08.18.2007 | Politics
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These may be the lazy days of August, but the Bush administration was humming with activity this week. We had the weepy resignation of Bush's Brain (has an avowed agnostic ever invoked the Almighty more effusively?); the shocking recasting of Gen. Petraeus from summer leading man to September bit player; the coming listing of Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization, the latest provocative rattle from Dick Cheney's saber; the greatly expanded use of spy satellites to help the government keep an eye on us (but who is keeping an eye on them?); and the terror conviction of Jose Padilla - no dirty bomb charge, but plenty of fear-inducing "zucchini." Plus Jenna got engaged. Man, the president is going to need a vacation from his latest Crawford vacation.

Connect the Dots: Karl Rove's Politics Uber Alles Strategy and the Utah Mine Disaster

| Posted 08.20.2007 | Politics
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Rove may be on his way out the door, but the destructive legacy of his politicization of the federal government will be with us for many years to come.

The Utah Mine Disaster: A Teachable Moment About Workplace Safety

| Posted 08.23.2007 | Politics
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We rarely hear much about worker safety -- until high-profile deaths like the ones in Utah put the well being of American workers into the media spotlight.

Calling Out Stephen Colbert: Wristiness vs Ankliness

| Posted 08.24.2007 | Media
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C'mon, Colbert, don't you think you're milking your broken wrist just a tad? I mean, how big a deal is a broken wrist, anyway?

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 08.26.2007 | Politics
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This week, we learned that all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies believe Iraq's political leaders "remain unable to govern effectively"; that the Joint Chiefs of Staff reportedly want to cut the U.S. force in Iraq next year by up to half; and that GOP Sen. John Warner thinks we should begin withdrawing troops by mid-September (we also learned that Sen. Warner has more backbone than Gen. Pace). So, it only makes sense that the leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination stepped forward this week to forcefully declare that the new tactics we've adopted in Iraq are... "working"? As Bill Maher put it on HuffPost: "Apparently, the surge is working. Not the actual surge, but the phrase 'the surge is working' seems to be working." Way to keep the pressure on, Dems.

War Deadenders Take Hope: The Surge May Not Be Working, But a US-Allawi Coup May Be On Its Way

| Posted 08.27.2007 | Politics
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As we all await the Petraeus Report on the state of the surge, we may also need to be anticipating the Allawi Coup. I'm talking, of course, about Ayad Allawi, longtime C.I.A. asset and former interim prime minister of Iraq.

What Are the Top 10 Things Hillary Should Say on Letterman Tonight?

| Posted 08.30.2007 | Politics
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Hillary is probably one of the few people who can decide to diligently work to become relaxed -- and succeed.

HuffPost's Candidate Mashup Is Getting Closer: Send Us Your Questions!

| Posted 08.31.2007 | Politics

Here is a video containing some of the questions we have received for our Mashup. Check them out and send us yours. 2007-09-04-20070831mashupvidfp222.jpg