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Entries by Arianna Huffington from 01/2008

Obama Wins Iowa: Why Everyone Has a Reason to Celebrate

| Posted 01.03.2008 | Politics

Even if your candidate didn't win on Thursday, you have reason to celebrate. We all do. Barack Obama's stirring victory in Iowa -- down home, folksy, 92 percent white Iowa -- says a lot about America.

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 01.05.2008 | Politics

According to Bill, Hill not going negative on Obama would be political suicide. Slamming the media for favoring Obama over his wife, the former president told a crowd in New Hampshire: "You can't ask somebody who is at a breathtaking disadvantage in the information coming to the voters to ignore that disadvantage and basically agree to put bullets in their brains." Breathtakingly disadvantaged?? As the Clinton campaign is internally debating how to best use Bill Clinton, my advice would be to follow Al Gore's 2000 strategy of not using him at all. With every passing news cycle, and every head-scratching quote from Bill, this oft-ridiculed decision seems more and more like a stroke of genius.

Portrait in Cynicism: Hillary Attacks Obama from Every Angle

| Posted 01.07.2008 | Politics

Clinton and her surrogates are attacking from every direction, hoping something will stick. The attacks are as varied as they are contemptible. Let's take a look at the dirty laundry list.

Curbing New Hampshire: Larry David Stumps for Obama

| Posted 01.08.2008 | Politics

Monday night, he headed to Dartmouth College in Hanover to talk about the importance of getting out votes for Obama at two large dorm gatherings.

A Great Night for Hillary, a Crappy Night for Pollsters

| Posted 01.09.2008 | Politics

The results from New Hampshire represent a crushing setback for pollsters, who will now have to down a heaping helping of humble pie.

Say "No" to Pollsters!: a HuffPost Call to Action

| Posted 01.11.2008 | Politics

If enough of us refuse to answer pollsters' questions, their data will become so unreliable even the media would have to admit it was useless. So I'm asking you to sign our Say No to Pollsters petition.

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 01.12.2008 | Politics

This was the week of the near tear, the hot button iron, and the polls that couldn't count straight. The tape of Hillary's choke up was analyzed more closely than the Zapruder film, with the media parsing each quiver of her lip with Talmudic intensity. Waterworks might have cost Ed Muskie New Hampshire in '72, and delivered it to Clinton 36 years later. Or maybe it was Hillary's standing ovation-inducing retort to the "iron my shirt" hecklers: "Oh, the remnants of sexism are alive and well." Take that, chauvinist shock jock pigs! As for the pollsters, they were as accurate in their prediction of an Obama cakewalk as the neocons were in predicting one in Iraq. To battle the pollsters' chronic inaccuracy, HuffPost has launched a Say No to Pollsters petition. Sign up here.

Ignoring Iraq: Why Has it Become the Forgotten Issue of the '08 Race?

| Posted 01.14.2008 | Politics

The media have hit on a new way of diminishing the importance of the war in Iraq: pretend like no one cares about it anymore. And they have the poll numbers to prove it!

Debate Shocker: Iraq Returns to the Campaign Spotlight...and Hillary Puts it There

| Posted 01.16.2008 | Politics

If I had told you that Iraq would come roaring back to the forefront of the campaign, how many of you would've guessed that that candidate that brought it there would be Hillary Clinton?

HuffPost and Pollsters: Why We're Just Not That Into Them

| Posted 01.24.2008 | Politics

This week we are introducing HuffPollstrology. It will keep you up to date on the latest poll results, along with the candidates' latest horoscope predictions, the latest online political betting lines, and the latest weather forecasts for key primary states.

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 01.26.2008 | Politics

The Clinton campaign has never looked as hard into the future -- or the past -- as it did last night. Hillary had already left South Carolina for Tennessee, and Bill was giving a semi-concession speech from Missouri, looking forward to the millions of people who will be voting on Super Tuesday -- since the hundreds of thousands in South Carolina didn't exactly go the way the Clintons had hoped. And he desperately tried to spin Obama's triumph away by telling reporters that Jesse Jackson won South Carolina twice, in 1984 and 1988. But however hard the Clintons are trying to look forward to our Super Tuesday future or drag us into the Jesse Jackson past, there are some stunning numbers in the present they have to deal with: Obama got 295,091 votes to Clinton's 141,128 (more than twice as many). He got more votes than John McCain and Mike Huckabee combined (279,723). He won 78% of the black vote, 25% of the white vote, and 52% of the non-black vote under 30. And he was more than a little responsible for the fact that Democratic turnout was twice that of 2004 (532,000 to 280,000). These numbers are pretty hard to run away from.

Bush and McCain's Displaced Ardor for War

| Posted 01.29.2008 | Politics

McCain doesn't need Viagra -- he's got Iraq. Call your doctor if your erection lasts longer than four hours -- or your war lasts longer than 100 years.

LA Debate: Hugs, Smiles, Laughs, Celebs, and a Defining Moment on Iraq

| Posted 01.31.2008 | Politics

The extended, sometimes contentious, exchange over Iraq was the most effective sequence for Obama, and the most important for the country -- bringing Iraq off the backburner and highlighting the significant differences not only between Obama and Clinton but also between the Democrats and the Republicans. Read More Bush and McCain's Displaced Ardor for War When it comes to the war in Iraq, the president and the leading GOP contender to replace him seem to be stuck in a time warp -- tossing out applause lines from years gone by and using rhetoric drawn from the Dark Ages of the Iraq debate. Read More