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Entries by Arianna Huffington from 03/2008

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 03.01.2008 | Politics

Saturday Night Live hasn't been this politically relevant since Chevy Chase's Gerald Ford was tumbling over desks. Not only did Hillary mention the show during Tuesday's debate, not only did her campaign reps spend the week citing an SNL sketch showing members of the press fawning over Obama as validation of the Clinton camp's claims that the media have been unfair to Hillary, but there she was last night, yukking it up "Live from New York!" According to Time, Bill Clinton even telephoned Tina Fey to thank her; he apparently appreciated her ringing on-air endorsement of Hillary ("Bitches get stuff done!") so much he was willing to ignore her assertion that Hillary and Bill "are having exactly as much sex with each other as George Bush and Jeb Bush are." Will Bill's splenetic performance on the campaign trail this year prompt an SNL sequel: "Dick in a Ballot Box"?

The $3,000,000,000,000 War is a Domestic Issue

| Posted 03.03.2008 | Politics

We need to pull the plug on the media's disturbing habit of acting as if foreign and domestic policy are completely separate entities -- a pair of high stakes board games that can only be taken off the shelf and played one at a time.

Democratic Scorecard: The Lizard Brain Wins Again!

| Posted 03.06.2008 | Politics
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After her New Hampshire comeback, Clinton declared: "I found my own voice." For this latest comeback, she found Karl Rove's voice.

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 03.08.2008 | Politics

This was a very interesting week in terms of determining which outrageous comments warrant resignation and which do not. Let's review, shall we? Samantha Power calling Hillary Clinton a "monster" leads to a quick resignation. Howard Wolfson comparing the Obama campaign to Ken Starr does not. Then there is Republican congressman Steve King, who claimed that "the optics" of a Barack Obama presidency would encourage "the radical Islamists" - and that al-Qaeda "would be dancing in the streets" if Obama wins. Now, imbecility has never been a disqualifier for public office. But rank racism should be. If John McCain and the GOP hierarchy don't ask King to step down, the optics will be very, very clear indeed.

GOP Rep. Slimes Obama, John McCain Fails Leadership Test

| Posted 03.10.2008 | Politics

The rank and unrepentant racism of GOP Rep. Steve King has presented John McCain with his first test of leadership since securing the Republican nomination. And he's failing miserably.

If Democrats Remain Silent on Iraq Now, They Will Pay a Stiff Price in November

| Posted 03.13.2008 | Politics

While Clinton and Obama trade blows, the Republicans are slowly winning the war over the war. And Democrats are doing very little to stop them.

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 03.15.2008 | Politics

A lot of important things happened this week (Spitzer!). Bear Stearns needed a bailout from the Fed (Kristen!). Oil hit a record $111 a barrel (Emperor's Club VIP!). CentCom chief Adm. William Fallon resigned over differences with the White House on Iran and Iraq (Client #9!). Barack Obama won Mississippi ($5,500 an hour!). The Vatican released a list of "new sins," including cloning and pollution (he likes things "you might not think are safe"!). Provocative comments from Geraldine Ferraro and Rev. Jeremiah Wright roiled the Democratic race (She's got a MySpace page! With pictures!! And music!!!). Gen. Petraeus decried the Iraqi government's lack of "sufficient progress" (Poor Silda!). What, you missed all of that? I can't imagine why...

On Clinton's Tax Returns, a "Frankly Disturbing" Lack of Transparency, and Surrogate-ancholy

| Posted 03.17.2008 | Politics

It's well past time for Hillary Clinton to be as "vetted" as she claims to already be -- and to have this vetting done now by Democratic voters rather than later by GOP hit squads. Read More Arianna Huffington: Bill O'Reilly Needs to Enroll in "Understanding the Internet 101" I find it laughable to be lectured on hate speech by O'Reilly, who spews hate as readily as he breathes. It's his lifeblood. Read More Why I Am Grateful that Rush Limbaugh Attacked Me This Week It's one thing to have the likes of Rush Limbaugh blatantly politicizing terrorism -- he is, after all, little more than a toxic curiosity. But we need to have a very different standard when it comes to members of Congress. Read More

Why I Am Grateful that Rush Limbaugh Attacked Me Today

| Posted 03.20.2008 | Media

My phone started ringing off the hook this morning with people calling to tell me that Rush Limbaugh was attacking me over the speech I gave yesterday at the Take Back America conference. Rush didn't like my saying that Democrats need to stop giving Republican elected officials a pass when they cynically use the very real terrorist threats this country is facing for political advantage. The latest example of this reprehensible ploy came courtesy of John McCain, who recently said he was concerned al Qaeda might try to tip the 2008 election against him: "I worry about it. And I know they pay attention because of the intercepts we have of their communications." I wonder if these are the same intercepts that gave him the information that Iran is training al-Qaeda?

Bill O'Reilly Needs to Enroll in "Understanding the Internet 101"

| Posted 03.20.2008 | Media

I find it laughable to be lectured on hate speech by O'Reilly, who spews hate as readily as he breathes. It's his lifeblood.

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 03.22.2008 | Politics

Talk about a reality disconnect: making a 5th war anniversary visit to Iraq, Dick Cheney called the surge a "major success." Also in Iraq, John McCain - in between repeatedly asserting a nonexistent connection between al-Qaeda and Iran - crowed, "the surge is working." Meanwhile, in Baghdad, a highly touted conference on political reconciliation (the actual goal of the surge) exposed just how divided Iraq remains: three of the country's most important political factions boycotted the event. "We entered the conference to reaffirm our support for national reconciliation, and we left to show our rejection of all these fake conferences," said one boycotter. But the quote of the week belonged to Cheney who, when asked about polls showing two-thirds of Americans don't think the war in Iraq is worth it, replied: "So?" Happy Easter, HuffPosters.

A McCain Moment: Do You Want Four More Years of This?

| Posted 03.24.2008 | Politics

It only makes sense that the media have focused non-stop on the looming threat of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago while paying scant attention to the fact that the presumptive Republican nominee for president apparently doesn't have a clue about what's going on in the Middle East. And with the U.S. death toll hitting 4,000, John McCain's tenuous grasp on what is happening in the region becomes all the more worthy of attention. READ MORE John McCain, Iraq, and the Eyewitness Fallacy: John McCain's glowing post-visit assessment of conditions in Iraq, and Hillary Clinton's hyperbolically harrowing recollections of her 1996 trip to Bosnia both stand as shining examples of what the British writer Malcolm Muggeridge dubbed "the eyewitness fallacy." In a brilliant essay, Muggeridge described public figures of strong conviction throughout history -- many of them greatly admired and well-meaning -- who, in eyewitness accounts, saw what they wanted to see, and became what they wanted to be. READ MORE

John McCain, Iraq, and the Eyewitness Fallacy

| Posted 03.27.2008 | Politics

In a brilliant essay, Malcolm Muggeridge described public figures of strong conviction throughout history who, in eyewitness accounts, saw what they wanted to see, and became what they wanted to be.

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 03.29.2008 | Politics

They say March comes in like a lion, out like a lamb. Tell that to the folks inside the Green Zone who were advised this week to "remain under hard cover at all times" and ordered to wear helmets and body armor anytime they step outside. I wonder if it was these embattled Green Zoners that John McCain had in mind when he said: "We're succeeding. I don't care what anybody says." March Madness was in full effect at Team Clinton as well, with Hillary surrogates opening fire on Bill Richardson (James Carville compared him to Judas) and Nobel Peace Prize winner David Trimble (Jamie Rubin called him a sexist "crankpot" for questioning Hillary's role in the Irish peace process). Meanwhile, Democrats desperate to end a protracted, nominee-wounding battle began a 24/7 stakeout on Paul Begala's butt.

Closing the Message Gap on Iraq: A Responsible Plan to End the War

| Posted 03.30.2008 | Politics

Recent polls have shown McCain topping both Clinton and Obama as the candidate voters see as most capable of dealing with the war in Iraq. What accounts for such a major disconnect?