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Entries by Arianna Huffington from 07/2008

Seven Things Barack Obama Should Do to Keep from Blowing It

| Posted 07.02.2008 | Politics

To counter the conventional wisdom pundits, the cautious campaign advisers, and his own inner cautiousness, I'm offering Obama suggestions for staying true to the vision that took him from longshot to presidential frontrunner.

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 07.05.2008 | Politics

This week FARC got Punk'd; More of the Same McCain got even more so by putting a Rove acolyte at the controls of his campaign; and Condi Rice showed how limited her imagination is, saying the Iraq war has been "tougher than any of us dreamed." Actually, Madame Secretary, many people were wide awake before the war and warned that it would be a nightmare. Of course, Rice has displayed her tragic lack of imagination before, claiming no one "could have predicted" terrorists flying airplanes into buildings before 9/11 despite the fact that, in the words of the 9/11 Commission, such a "possibility was imaginable, and imagined" by multiple government and law enforcement agencies. Perhaps upon her return to Stanford, she can enroll in some imagination expansion courses.

Surge Amnesia: The Media's Newest Affliction

| Posted 07.07.2008 | Politics

Buoyed by a reduction in violence in Iraq, John McCain is running a "the surge has worked" victory lap and war supporters like Condi "I'm Proud to Have Overthrown Saddam" Rice are beating their chests.

Karl Rove's Contempt for the Constitution and the Public's Right to Know

| Posted 07.09.2008 | Politics

By defying a subpoena to testify on his role in politicizing the Justice Department, Rove is thumbing his nose at Congress, legal precedent, the public's right to know the truth, and the Constitution. This is no petty partisan squabble; this is a fight about the foundations of our democracy. READ MORE Surge Amnesia: The Media's Newest Affliction Buoyed by a reduction in violence in Iraq, John McCain is running a "the surge has worked" victory lap and war supporters like Condi "I'm Proud to Have Overthrown Saddam" Rice are beating their chests. And the media are swallowing this triumphalist nonsense whole and washing it down with a pitcher of revisionist Kool-Aid. READ MORE Watch: Arianna Interviewed at Aspen Ideas Festival and Deliver Keynote at 2008 Women in Business Conference

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 07.12.2008 | Politics

Phil Gramm obviously had the quote of the week. Voters dealing with skyrocketing gas prices and collapsing home values just love being called "whiners" by a millionaire. This kind of out-of-touch condescension comes as no surprise to anyone who has followed Gramm's career. He's left his fingerprints on some of the worst economic debacles in U.S. history. He was a champion of energy deregulation, which gave us Enron and blackouts and price gouging. He was a champion of deregulating the savings-and-loan industry, the bailout of which cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. And his leadership on banking deregulation helped create the current sub-prime mortgage crisis. Republicans love to talk about Obama's lack of experience. I'll take fresh blood over Gramm's kind of track record any day of the week.

Remembering Roy Huffington

| Posted 07.14.2008 | Healthy Living

Since this site carries his last name, I thought it fitting to take a moment to reflect on the remarkable life of Roy Huffington, my former father-in-law, who passed away on Friday.

The Latest Media Blind Spot: Viewing All Criticism of Obama Through a Right/Left Prism

| Posted 07.14.2008 | Politics

My problem isn't that Obama doesn't always agree with me. My problem is that he has started to not always agree with himself -- falling prey instead to the Conventional Wisdom sirens.

Scary Thought: Is Condi Rice Our Last, Best Chance for Peace?

| Posted 07.16.2008 | Politics

Condi needs to either convince the president what a catastrophe attacking Iran would be. Or, failing that, break with the administration and do the noble thing by resigning while it still might make a difference.

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 07.19.2008 | Politics
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Republicans love to portray Obama as naïve when it comes to foreign policy. Let's go to the scorecard. Iraq: Prime Minister Maliki just announced he supports Obama's troop withdrawal plan. Afghanistan: Obama has long argued that Iraq has been a dangerous distraction from what should be the real focus of the war on terror, Afghanistan, and has recommended sending additional troops there. McCain, who has opposed sending additional troops, did an about-face on Tuesday, all but yelling "Me too!" Iran: Obama has taken a lot of GOP fire for his willingness to negotiate with Tehran. This week, we learned the Bush administration has decided to send a top diplomat to a meeting with Iran's top nuclear negotiator, and is planning to open an "interests section" in Tehran. Score three for naiveté.

Tell Me Again, Why Is Obama Being Popular With Our Allies a Bad Thing?

| Posted 07.21.2008 | Politics

At no point does the McCain campaign or anyone in the media point out what, exactly, is the danger to America if our closest allies actually, you know, don't hate us.

Introducing HuffPost's Big News Pages: One Stop Shopping for Obamaniacs, Apple Junkies, Brangelina Freaks, and News Obsessives of Every Ilk

| Posted 07.23.2008 | Media

Are you an Obamaniac? An Apple junkie? Fixated on Brangelina? Do you want every detail coming out of Iraq? Then do we have a cool new feature for you! HuffPost's Big News Pages.

Charity May Begin at Home, But It's Moving Online

| Posted 07.25.2008 | Healthy Living

America's economic downturn presents a daunting double-edged challenge to charitable organizations. Hard times mean that more people than ever will be in need of help -- and that fewer people will be in a position to help.

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 07.26.2008 | Politics
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While Obama was turning the trip McCain goaded him to take into a How to Look Presidential training film, McCain was melting down. There was the Iraq/Pakistan border gaffe -- and the far more serious confusion about the role of the surge in the Anbar Awakening. There was the ludicrous ad trying to pin high gas prices on Obama -- and the loathsome attempt to turn Obama's somber visit to a Holocaust museum into a political gotcha. There were the complaints about the media's "love affair" with Obama -- arriving at the same time CBS left McCain's surge blunder on the editing room floor. And there was the repugnant accusation that "Obama would rather lose a war in order to win a political campaign." File this week under: Be Careful What You Wish For.

Obama's Trip Bounce: The Media's Obsession with Polls Leads to a Bad Case of Premature Pontification

| Posted 07.28.2008 | Politics

Isn't it strange that, according to the Washington Post, Barack Obama didn't get a bounce from his wildly well-received overseas trip? Oh wait, according to the Chicago Trib, maybe he did. But, hey, the LA Times says it was just a small bounce. Or was it more of a bump? Perhaps a bouncelet?

Judy Miller: The Wrong Poster Child for a Federal Shield Law

| Posted 07.30.2008 | Media

Judy Miller was asked if she has any regrets about her actions while at the Times. Her answer: "I wouldn't do anything differently." Really, Judy? Not the inaccurate reporting? Not the trading of your journalistic principles for access? Not the aluminum tubes? Not Curveball? Not Chalabi? Nothing? Read More Obama's Trip Bounce: The Media's Obsession with Polls Leads to a Bad Case of Premature Pontification Media insiders now talk about polling brands the way average Joes talk about their favorite beer. "My producer is a Quinnipiac person, but I'm more into Gallup." I suppose if they married, they'd have to raise the kids CBS/New York Times. Read More Watch: iYear Interview With Arianna At The Personal Democracy Forum