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Entries by Arianna Huffington from 05/2009

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 05.02.2009 | Politics

There was much to celebrate this week, as we marked the remarkable achievements of Obama's first 100 days. A high point: Michelle Obama sending a resounding message about making service a regular part of our lives by volunteering at a food bank, even though we are months away from Thanksgiving. On the other hand, there was the depressing, banking-industry-led Senate defeat of a measure offering relief to America's struggling homeowners. Coming up: Thursday's announcement of the results of the bank stress tests. Early indications are that at least some of the banks are going to need another infusion of capital. With apologies to Justice Scalia, "Fleeting expletive" no! It's time for Americans to draw the line in the sand and say that if bankers are not going to side with us when we need help, we're not going to side with them when they do.

The Stress Tests Fail The Smell Test

| Posted 05.04.2009 | Business

The results of the much-anticipated bank stress tests are finally set to be released on Thursday. But we can already give the Obama economic team a grade for the way the tests have been handled: F.

Out of the Senate and Into the Squawk Box

| Posted 05.06.2009 | Media

I spent Wednesday afternoon in DC, taking part in a Senate hearing on the future of journalism, organized by John Kerry. I have to admit, my favorite moment of the hearing came when Sen. Maria Cantwell of Washington, during her questioning of the panel, said she likes reading HuffPost on her BlackBerry and held it up. You can check out my opening remarks here. Now it's off to New York, where I'll be guest hosting CNBC's Squawk Box Thursday morning 7 am - 9 am EDT. Among those I'll be interviewing: Eliot Spitzer, Elizabeth Warren, GM CFO Ray Young, Yale economics professor Robert Shiller, and economist Simon Johnson. [Update: I just did the show and will post my impressions in a bit. In the meantime, you can check out some clips from the show here. I'd love to hear what you thought of the show. Please post your reactions in the comments section.]

Here Is My Economic Dream Team

| Posted 05.07.2009 | Business

I have my found my economic Dream Team... on the set of CNBC's Squawk Box (Hint: it's not Rick Santelli and Mark Haines). READ MORE The Stress Tests Fail The Smell Test The Obama administration's ongoing loyalty to Wall Street is a virus that holds far more danger than the swine flu. READ MORE Watch: Arianna Testifies to the Senate About the Future Of Journalism Watch: Arianna Guest Hosts CNBC'S Squawk Box Watch: Arianna Talks Torture, Military Preparedness, Bank Stress Tests on CNN's The Situation Room Watch: Arianna Discusses the Future Of Journalism with Peggy Noonan and the Morning Joe Crew

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 05.09.2009 | Huffington Post

This was not a good week for Bank of America (brother can you spare $34 billion?); Manny Ramirez (fertility drugs? Who does he think he is -- Octomom?); Miss California USA Carrie Prejean (not just leaked topless pics, but leaked pre-implant topless pics!); Jack McCollough's nose (ground zero for Kiefer Sutherland's head); and John Edwards (Rielle wants a paternity test, the Feds are investigating his campaign spending, and Elizabeth isn't sure she still loves him). This week also brought us the Hannity-fueled Condiment-gate (the lamest political food fight since freedom fries), and Pat Robertson claiming that legalizing gay marriage will lead to the sanctioning of bestiality, child molestation, and pedophilia. Enjoyed with a spicy French mustard, no doubt. At least things end on an upbeat note: a very happy Mother's Day to all my fellow HuffPost moms. And happy birthday to HuffPost, which turned four years old yesterday!

Wall Street, DC, and the New Financial Euphoria

| Posted 05.11.2009 | Business

I spent last week in New York and Washington, speaking with many erstwhile Masters of the Universe and those charged with cleaning up the mess they've created. And in both cities I was stunned by how many Wall Street and political insiders were ready to break out the champagne. Forgive me if I keep the bubbly on the shelf. READ MORE Ending the War on Drugs: The Moment is Now When it comes to addressing America's disastrous war on drugs, the Obama administration is saying the right things. But when it comes to putting its rhetoric into action, the administration has faltered. Is the Obama administration really committed to a fundamental shift in America's approach to drug policy or is this about serving up a kinder, gentler drug war? READ MORE

Ending the War on Drugs: The Moment is Now

| Posted 05.14.2009 | Politics

When it comes to addressing America's disastrous war on drugs, the Obama administration is saying the right things. But when it comes to putting its rhetoric into action, the administration has faltered.

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 05.16.2009 | Huffington Post

Next week, Adam and Kris duke it out to see who will be the next American Idol. This week, Republicans duked it out to see who would be the next American Idiot. Sen. Jeff Sessions argued for keeping Guantanamo open by pointing to the "tropical breezes blowing through" the prison. Rep. Pete Sessions claimed President Obama is intentionally driving up unemployment and diminishing stock prices to "inflict damage and hardship on the free enterprise system." And Kim Hendren, a Republican Senate candidate from Arkansas, referred to Chuck Schumer at a campaign event as "that Jew," then dug himself deeper: "I was attempting to explain that unlike Sen. Schumer, I believe in traditional values, like we used to see on The Andy Griffith Show." I guessed he missed the episode about Goober's bar mitzvah. The Grand Oy Party.

Obama Calls for An Extreme Makeover of Our Culture: Are the Credit Card Companies Listening? [Updated]

| Posted 05.18.2009 | Politics

In The Divine Comedy Dante assigned usurers to the seventh circle of hell. The Senate obviously needs a refresher course -- since it overwhelming voted down Bernie Sanders' measure that would cap credit card interest rates at 15 percent.

Rick Sanchez Equates Barney Frank and Michele Bachmann, and Doesn't Choke on the Absurdity

| Posted 05.23.2009 | Politics

Memo to Rick Sanchez: Lincoln vs. Douglas was "a classic showdown." Frank vs. Bachmann was the rhetorical equivalent of the Harlem Globetrotters vs. the Washington Generals. And your intro to the segment was an object lesson in unthinking equivalency. READ MORE Obama Calls for An Extreme Makeover of Our Culture: Are the Credit Card Companies Listening? In his masterful commencement speech at Notre Dame, President Obama decried those who "view life only through the lens of immediate self-interest and crass materialism." He should send a copy to the credit card companies, which, faced with customers choking on debt, respond by jacking up interest rates and tacking on penalties and fees. READ MORE WATCH: Arianna on The Situation Room Discussing Cheney's Speech and Pelosi's Predicament

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 05.23.2009 | Huffington Post

This week, Barack Obama reiterated that he has "no interest in spending our time re-litigating the policies of the last eight years." He may have no interest, but Dick Cheney certainly does. And he's got nothing but time on his hands. Which means we will keep re-litigating those policies until we get to the bottom of things. But Obama and his administration needn't spend even a second of their time on this. Leave that to a bipartisan Truth Commission. Look at how much we found out this month, including the fact that waterboarding was used in an attempt to extract backup for Cheney's fantasy of an Iraq/al Qaeda connection, and imagine what revelations subpoena power would bring. Without a full accounting of the Bush administration's use of torture, there will never be closure. Only endless re-litigation.

Everyone Agrees We Need to Reform Wall Street... Just Like After Enron

| Posted 05.25.2009 | Politics

In the same way that candidates in the 2008 race had to declare that, like Obama, they were for change, today everyone is for reform of our financial system. But the question is: are we going to get real reform or are we going to get the DC version of "reform"?

Why Sotomayor's Confirmation Debate Is the D.C. Equivalent of Rock of Love

| Posted 05.28.2009 | Politics

Listening to conservatives play the race card in attacking the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor, I've been marveling at just how self-destructive they've become. Republicans have to know how bad this is for their party

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 05.30.2009 | Huffington Post

This week, I spent a couple of great days at Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher's annual D: All Things Digital conference. Among the highlights: watching Jill Sobule sing about Rupert Murdoch -- in front of Rupert Murdoch, and Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg levitate around the conference after securing a $200 million investment from the Russians. The breakout star was new Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz -- and not just because of her perfectly timed F-bomb on the D7 stage. She was a quote machine: "Down 15 percent is the new flat" and "You can't take nine women and make a baby in one month; there is a process" were among my favorites. But the line of the week came from Martha Stewart who told me over lunch: "While Bernie Madoff was on his rampage, the SEC was busy pursuing me." For more on the conference, click here.