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Entries by Arianna Huffington from 07/2010

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 07.03.2010 | Politics

Happy 4th of July! This week, the House authorized an additional $30 billion to fund the war in Afghanistan. Any time the funding of jobs programs or unemployment benefits is raised, our leaders immediately go into sticker shock. But they don't bat an eye when it's time to sign the next check for our wars of choice in Afghanistan and Iraq (2010 price tag: $161 billion). We are letting the American Dream die here at home while pursuing military adventures abroad that ultimately leave our nation less safe. To highlight this red, white, and blue tragedy, Robert Greenwald has put together this powerful video, and our HuffPost bloggers have weighed in. And don't miss Arthur Delaney's interview with the family of Marine Cpl. Jacob Leicht, the 1,000th U.S. soldier killed in Afghanistan. Jacob was born on the 4th of July; he would have turned 25 today.

PolitiFact Embraces Equivocation, the Truth Gets Squeezed

| Posted 07.05.2010 | Politics

After documenting why my claim that Halliburton had defrauded taxpayers of "hundreds of millions of dollars in Iraq" was true, rated the statement "Half True." It's worth returning to the scene of the crime to see what we can conclude from PolitiFact's conclusion.

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 07.10.2010 | Politics

This was not a good week for those in the media who insist on looking at every issue using the exhausted left vs. right framing. First, Barney Frank and Ron Paul took to HuffPost, making the case that substantial cuts in the bloated defense budget must be a central part of the deficit reduction debate currently raging in Washington. Then David Boies and Ted Olson, who fought it out in Bush v. Gore, discussed their joint battle to make gay marriage legal during a compelling session at the Aspen Ideas Festival. Finally -- and most surprisingly -- Ann Coulter, following the path already trod by George Will and the Cato Institute, warned that the war in Afghanistan "isn't likely to turn out well" and criticized today's GOP for making "permanent war" one of the "irreducible requirements of Republicanism." The sell-by date on "right vs. left" has definitely expired.

The Unemployment Benefits Stalemate: Our Broken Politics on Full Display

| Posted 07.12.2010 | Politics

The White House has the ultimate PR weapon -- the president's bully pulpit. But Obama seems unwilling to use it when it comes to the jobs crisis. Why isn't he doing everything possible to make it impossible for Congress not to pass the extension?

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 07.17.2010 | Business

This week, the SEC settled its fraud case against Goldman Sachs for $550 million (4 days worth of Goldman's 2009 revenues), without the banking giant having to admit legal wrongdoing or fire any senior executives. On the same day, Congress passed a financial reform bill that left Wall Street's too big to fail banks bigger and more powerful than ever. Also gaining power: Tim Geithner, who continued to carry Wall Street's water by letting it be known behind the scenes that he opposes making Elizabeth Warren head of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Elsewhere, a federal appeals court ruled that uttering a fleeting expletive on TV wasn't obscene. If only an appeals court could do something about the obscenity of the Supreme Court allowing corporations to spend unlimited amounts on political campaigns. Another obscenity in the news: word that more American soldiers killed themselves last month than any month on record.

Wheels Up: Announcing the Launch of HuffPost Travel

| Posted 07.20.2010 | Travel

Some of my happiest moments -- as well as my most enriching and enlightening moments -- have come through travel, which is why I'm delighted to announce the launch of HuffPost Travel.

Sunday Roundup

| Posted 07.25.2010 | Politics

This week, President Obama signed the financial regulation bill, Facebook signed up its 500 millionth member, and the Senate Judiciary committee signed off on Elena Kagan. But the news cycle was dominated by the media frenzy over Shirley Sherrod. turned the obscure USDA worker's tale of racial awakening into a grainy video snippet "proving" reverse racism. Fox News tore into the story like rabid jackals with a taste for blood and race baiting (Shepard Smith was a noble exception). Tom Vilsack revealed an itchy trigger finger, having an underling force Sherrod to resign via BlackBerry because "you are going to be on Glenn Beck tonight." So the administration left no doubt it's afraid of Beck's shadow, and the president insisted that the buck stops... somewhere else, pointing the finger at the "media culture." The White House and a shamed media want to brand this a "teachable moment" but will the lesson stick?

A Chance to Break Through: How You Can Use Crises to Transform Your Life

| Posted 07.26.2010 | Healthy Living

In the course of a recent conversation with Tony Robbins, we realized that we both had been thinking about a similar problem: how can people faced with enormous challenges carry on without collapsing under the burden?

Fear Factor: What's Keeping the President From Picking the Best Person to Protect Consumers?

| Posted 07.27.2010 | Business

Picking Elizabeth Warren to lead the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a no-brainer. So why isn't the White House rushing to nominate her? In a word: fear.