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Entries by Art Brodsky from 01/2009

Mr. Murdoch, Tear Down that Page

| Posted 01.02.2009 | Media

Fox is done, but Murdoch isn't. He has that one little company for which he paid $5 billion a couple of years ago that happens to publish a daily newspaper, The Wall Street Journal.

Fuss Over Panetta Should Remind Hill Dems: It's Not About You

| Posted 01.06.2009 | Politics

Obama comes into office with a clear election mandate, and the last thing he needs is the public view of a bunch of squabbling Democrats (see: Burris, Roland) doing the GOP's work for it.

Broadband Bullies Shouldn't Benefit From Stimulus

| Posted 01.08.2009 | Media

If new areas are to be served, and if underserved areas are to be upgraded, then either the incumbent telecom companies have to clean up their acts, or they have to make way for others.

It's Just Not Julius -- There's An All New Telecom Team

| Posted 01.15.2009 | Media

Much of the buzz around Washington in telecom circles has been about the selection of Julius Genachowski as the new chairman of the FCC. But he's only at the top of the all-new lineup.

House Voted To Protect the Internet

| Posted 01.27.2009 | Media

The language in the House stimulus package is a great first step toward reclaiming the Internet and establishing once and for all the concept that carriers can't discriminate.

Obama Had To Try Bipartisanship This Time -- Next Time Will Be Different

| Posted 01.28.2009 | Politics

Obama tried to go the extra mile, made compromises, tried to be bipartisan within the context of an election which Democrats won. And what did he get? Literally, nothing. Not one Republican vote. Not one.