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Entries by Art Brodsky from 04/2011

U.S. House Ignores Internet Reality, Again

| Posted 04.08.2011 | Technology

What was remarkable about the House vote today was how the Republicans managed to at once speak in favor of the legislation as helping small business, while ignoring the testimony from those very businesses that opposed it.

A New Brave Soul Attempts to Bring Your TV to You: Bon Chance, Bamboom

| Posted 04.16.2011 | Technology

Here we go again. People who aren't "broadcasters" are messing around with the broadcast signal, all to make it more convenient to "watch TV." You know what that means -- lawsuits.

AT&T Takeover Plan Is Really Beyond the Fringe

| Posted 04.25.2011 | Technology

AT&T needs some regulatory help. It needs to combine with T-Mobile to alleviate the spectrum shortages. T-Mobile also needs to be rescued. All of that needs to happen. Just not in this universe.