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Entries by Art Levine from 06/2008

Learning from Missouri: Can Progressives Get a Fair Election?

| Posted 06.16.2008 | Politics

It's heartening to see the way a progressive coalition in Missouri that included mainstream groups beat the GOP's fear-mongering voter photo ID drive in a Republican-dominated state.

Dems in Congress Moving Now to Spy on Americans, Reward Telecoms

| Posted 06.18.2008 | Politics

The Democratic-led Congress, with the support of key House leaders, is moving quickly to expand unconstitutional spying authority on Americans and reward telecoms for breaking the law.

Can Electing Obama Get us Real Healthcare Reform?

| Posted 06.19.2008 | Politics

Pragmatists are looking closely at the real-world political obstacles that have stymied health care reform in the past, and if progressives don't learn from past failures, we're doomed to repeat them again.

Is Obama Selling Out on FISA bill?

| Posted 06.22.2008 | Politics

Is Obama being a shrewd politician or selling out civil liberties? That's the question raised by Glenn Greenwald's tough new column taking Obama to task for supporting the bogus "compromise" bill.