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Entries by Art Levine from 07/2008

After Clark Flap: Can Obama Beat McCain's Double-Talk Express?

| Posted 07.03.2008 | Politics

The conventional wisdom these days is that Wesley Clark's raising questions about McCain's fitness to be commander in chief causes political problems for Barack Obama. But don't be fooled.

Will Netroots "Hold their Noses" in Backing Obama?

| Posted 07.12.2008 | Politics

The talk of "betrayal" is spreading on the Web, and some in the Netroots are starting to resemble those nearly half of die-hard Hillary supporters who say they won't vote for Obama.

Why Didn't the Obama Campaign Foresee McCain's Troop Smear?

| Posted 07.27.2008 | Politics

The Obama campaign hasn't shot down the other smears that have emerged or forcefully challenged the Pentagon's politicized role in spreading lies designed to damage the campaign.