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Entries by Art Levine from 01/2009

Upgrading Obama's Stimulus Plan: End Wage Theft, Union-Busting

| Posted 01.06.2009 | Politics

If practically everyone's broke, thousands are killed on the job or can be fired at will, who'll be left to do the spending needed to stimulate the economy?

The Horror, The Horror!: GOP, Business Alarmed by Fair Pay Bills

| Posted 01.07.2009 | Politics

The two pay equity bills being considered this week by the House are a good sign that pro-worker legislation will get a fair hearing in this new Congress.

Have Anti-Union Smear Ads Flopped? Here's Why 78% of Public Favors Unions

| Posted 01.09.2009 | Business

Union supporters see signs that the spate of negative TV and print ads from corporate front groups attacking the Employee Free Choice Act appear to be failing to sway the public.

Ad Wars: Dr. Evil vs. Unions Over Employee Free Choice Act

| Posted 01.14.2009 | Business

There is a savvy, if deceptive, ad blitz against the Employee Free Choice Act led in part by Richard Berman, whose specialty is attacking public interest organizations, including MADD.

Big Business's Threat to America: Bust Unions or We'll Go Overseas

| Posted 01.16.2009 | Huffington Post

If dirty tricks and threats can work to stop unionizing in the workplace, why can't they be used on the American public? This week, busi...

GOP Blocks Obama's Labor Nominee, Pushes Big Lie on "Card Check"

| Posted 01.24.2009 | Politics

GOP leaders appear to be willing to play "chicken" with the nation's troubled economy by holding up the vote on the Obama's choice for Secretary of Labor, the pro-worker Hilda Solis.

Human Rights Watch Backs Pro-Union Bill -- Did Anti-Union Bailout Barons Break Campaign Laws?

| Posted 01.28.2009 | Business

While international law recognizes union organizing as a human right, the bailout barons were seeking to use some of the billions in taxpayer funds to rob those same taxpayers of the right to fairly form a union.