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Entries by Art Levine from 05/2011

Beyond the Medicare Fight: GOP, Centrist Dems Targeting Medicaid

| Posted 05.06.2011 | Business

With all the attention paid to Medicare, what's going to happen now to Medicaid -- the principal payer for health and long-term care for nearly 60 million low-income Americans --amid all the budgetary deal-making underway on Capitol Hill?

As GOP-Style Democrats Slash DC Budget, Activists Ask: Why Is The Plight of Poor Kids, Homeless Largely Ignored?

| Posted 05.17.2011 | Business

The ability of local progressive groups to effectively organize will not only determine the outcome of one local budget, but become a symbol of what's needed to get even Democratic cities and states to serve people in need, not just corporations.

High Noon: Tuesday Protests Take on "Fully Loaded" Chairman, GOP-Style Dems Over DC Cuts to Poor

| Posted 05.24.2011 | Politics

The pending budget deal could cut over $100 million from services for the poor, disabled and homeless. The safety-net is already so tattered that homeless mothers with infants in tow have been given bus fare to ride buses all night rather than shelter.