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Entries by Azeem Ibrahim from 10/2010

UK Law Should Recognize That Terrorists Aren't Just Criminals, They're Traitors

| Posted 10.05.2010 | World

A terrorist is not the same as someone trying to cause physical damage who does not know why. They are seeking very specifically to rupture British security as a nation.

Is France Leading Europe Towards a Future When Discrimination Against Minorities Is the Norm?

| Posted 10.06.2010 | World

Discrimination against minorities in Europe has become more blatant in the last ten years than it ever has been before. Intolerance on the continent is in danger of going mainstream.

Will the UK Government's Defense Cuts Make a European Army More Likely?

| Posted 10.06.2010 | World

Many EU countries have been exploring the prospect of creating an EU army controlled by Brussels. France, Germany and Poland in particular are keen on this idea.

Negotiations With the Taliban Point to the Need to Leave Afghanistan

| Posted 10.13.2010 | World

Nine years after the start of the war, the Taliban controls 70% of Afghanistan. Though it is heart-rending to consider abandoning the progress that has been made, the truth is that there simply is no military solution.

Eight Reasons Why The UK's Strategic Defence and Security Review Must Not Savage its Military

| Posted 10.15.2010 | World

Strategic Defence and Security Reviews are all too rarely about keeping us safe, and all too often about saving us money. In this respect, the SDSR the government is currently undertaking looks more egregious than ever.

Every Country Must Have a National Innovation Strategy

| Posted 10.15.2010 | World

History shows that when government gets policy right, it helps an economy grow. Institutions and policies always matter in technological and economic development.

Hillary Clinton is Right to Warn the UK Over Defense Cuts

| Posted 10.21.2010 | World

Hillary Clinton and General Casey are right. A decline in the UK's military capabilities means a decline in importance in world affairs. For centuries, Britain has been able to stand proud of the strength of her forces.