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Entries by Azeem Ibrahim from 11/2010

The Lesson of Roshonara Choudhry's Radicalization

| Posted 11.08.2010 | World

Last spring, a young girl tried to murder a member of parliament. Her inspiration? A man that is to Islam what Terry Jones is to Christianity. It's a valuable lesson about how we can prevent radical Islamic violence.

The Biggest Lies About Islam

| Posted 11.12.2010 | Religion

I spend a lot of time in the US, and it is striking how pundits and columnists repeatedly get away with making claims about Muslims and Islam which fuel mistrust between Muslim countries and the West.

An Original Plan 'B for the Eurozone

| Posted 11.29.2010 | World

Portugal, Ireland and Greece may yet be able to ride out the storm if austerity works. But if it does not, more drastic solutions might be called for.

The Number of MPs Should Be Halved

| Posted 11.30.2010 | World

Britain has too many MPs. We have 650 MPs to represent 62 million people. By international standards, that's a lot of MPs to represent not many people.