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Entries by Barbara Fenig from 09/2009

Bizarre Animal Behavior: Alcoholic Vervets, Shark Eating Baboons, Mushroom Tripping Reindeer And More! (VIDEO)

Posted 09.05.2009 | Green

Animals have evolved some truly bizarre behaviors. Watch our video slideshow to find out about the spotted skunk that handstands for defense, the pist...

11 Strange Clean Energy Sources: Watermelon, Dead Turkeys, Urine And More!

Posted 09.06.2009 | Green

Why stick with boring old oil when you could be powering your home, car and gadgets with slaughterhouse waste, garbage and onions? As strange as trans...

Celebrities And Their Unusual Pets (PHOTOS)

Posted 09.06.2009 | Green

Celebrities love to stand out and what better way to flaunt their unusual lifestyles than with unexpected pets? Check out our slideshow of celebrities...

Top 10 Eco-friendly Getaways: From Hostels To High End Hotels (PHOTOS)

Posted 09.14.2009 | Green

There are all sorts of ways to have a green vacation, and check out our slideshow of some of the top eco-friendly accommodations, from hostels to high...