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Entries by Barrett Brown from 09/2009

Stanley Kurtz Tries to Tie Gay Marriage to Divorce, Accidentally Proves Opposite

| Posted 09.05.2009 | Politics

Ten years after Denmark began allowing for gay civil unions, heterosexual marriage rate had increased by 10.7 percent. Ten years after Norway did, the rate increased by 12.7 percent. For Sweden, 28.7 percent.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Oliver North is a Nut

| Posted 09.08.2009 | Politics

The Department of Defense hires 30,000 employees who will be accountable to the DoD rather than to Blackwater, and suddenly Oliver North worries too much money is being spent on the military.

Confessions of a Phony Internet Muslim

| Posted 09.11.2009 | Comedy

YouTube, like the Internet at large, is what the Holy Land would have been like during the Crusades if everyone in the Holy Land had too much free time on their hands.

Robert McCain Fine With Pregnancy Among Religious Teens -- Just Not Minority Teens

| Posted 09.19.2009 | Media

The fact that a member of the royal family of England had a son who did something swell, McCain implies, indicates that teen pregnancy is no big problem, because, hey, Henry Tudor.