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Entries by Barry Lando from 03/2007

The "Surge" Farce

| Posted 03.08.2007 | Politics
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Those congressmen who accepted the "surge" and the media who supported it were sold a bill of goods.

The Farcical Debate on Total Withdrawal from Iraq

| Posted 03.12.2007 | Politics
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If U.S. troops are really to withdraw completely from Iraq what's the point of America's having built four huge "super bases" in that country--each one housing tens of thousands of US soldiers?

4 Years Later: Dump Those Ungrateful, Vicious Iraqis.

| Posted 03.18.2007 | Huffington Post

Even if Saddam had invested everything he skimmed from the sanctions into rebuilding his country and feeding his people, those sums would have never prevented the colossal devastation that sanctions brought about.

Brits in the Gulf: What Goes Round, Comes Round

| Posted 03.27.2007 | Huffington Post

You start trashing international conventions, everyone loses, including ultimately yourself and those who have made themselves your allies.

Brits in the Gulf: What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us

| Posted 03.28.2007 | Huffington Post

As always, our mainstream media is loath to reporting all sides to a dispute that is far more complex than our leaders let on.

Brits in the Gulf and a Doctored British Map?

| Posted 03.28.2007 | Politics
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How can such a map exist if the subject of boundaries has never been settled between Iraq and Iran?

What Blair Could Do

| Posted 03.30.2007 | Politics
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Former British Ambassador Craig Murray has suggested what would seem to be a sensible solution to the spiraling crisis in the Gulf.