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Entries by Ben Cohen from 05/2008

Wright is Telling the Truth about Obama

| Posted 05.02.2008 | Politics

Obama manages to seamlessly affiliate himself with just about every political persuasion on the spectrum.

Hillary Should Be Dismissed From The Democratic Party For Iran Comments

| Posted 05.05.2008 | Politics

Attacking Obama while pulling the entire Democratic Party down with her is one thing, but threatening to commit nuclear holocaust on another country is another matter all together.

Who is A.B. Stoddard?

| Posted 05.09.2008 | Media

The point is not to pick on Stoddard, but to make a larger reference to media punditry. Real journalists stand up to power rather than cozy up to it.

PLEASE - No Coverage Of Jenna Bush's Wedding

| Posted 05.10.2008 | Politics

You can feel the momentum building. CNN, MSNBC, Fox etc are gearing themselves up for the ratings war over Jenna Bush's wedding, and are about to subj...

Time Magazine Advocates invading Burma

| Posted 05.11.2008 | Media

Using Romesh Ratnesar's logic, if a country's incapability to handle a disaster was grounds for an invasion, China should have launched a war on us for our humanitarian disaster in New Orleans.

John Edwards as Vice President?

| Posted 05.16.2008 | Politics

Given John Edwards recent endorsement of Barack Obama, media pundits have been discussing the viability of an Obama-Edwards ticket.

Why You Need To Watch 'The Real News'

| Posted 05.21.2008 | Media

The Real News is a serious, non-corporate news organization featuring journalism and analysis that MSNBC could only dream about.

With John McCain, the Progressive Community Has its Work Cut Out

| Posted 05.23.2008 | Politics

The future for this woman and her family is filled with fear and economic insecurity, and McCain offers virtually nothing in the way of serious solutions.

Ann Coulter, Porn Star

| Posted 05.30.2008 | Media

As Jenna Jameson brought blow-jobs and plastic breasts to Howard Stern and VH1, Coulter brought brainless right wing fascism to Fox News and MSNBC.