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Entries by Beverly Bell from 03/2010

A Future for Agriculture, a Future for Haiti

| Posted 03.02.2010 | World

What would it take to transform Haiti's economy such that its role in the global economy is no longer that of providing cheap labor for sweatshops? What would it take for hunger to not be the norm?

Haiti: The Clock Is Set to Zero

| Posted 03.03.2010 | World

Chavannes Jean-Baptiste is the Executive Director of the Peasant Movement of Papay. He gave this interview last month in the rambling, fertile fields and gardens in the Central Plateau.

Haiti: Non-random Acts of Kindness

| Posted 03.05.2010 | World

My 85-year-old mother left a message on my phone right after the earthquake. "I've found 44 baskets around the house and wonder if you can help get th...

Haitian Women Mourn the Dead and Recommit to the Living (International Women's Day Part 1)

| Posted 03.08.2010 | World

All over Haiti on March 8, International Women's Day, women's groups will meet to honor their dead and raise up their living. As for how to raise up ...

A History of Haitian Women's Involvement (International Women's Day Part II)

| Posted 03.10.2010 | World

"We remember, we advance," read the marble plaque to the employees of the women's ministry who were killed in the Haiti's January 12 earthquake. Surro...

Post-Disaster Reconstruction: Putting Haitian Citizens into the Equation

| Posted 03.15.2010 | World

Haitian civil society has been completely bypassed in decision-making regarding the post-earthquake reconstruction process. They have thus created their own process.

What Haitians Want from Americans (And What They Don't)

| Posted 03.17.2010 | World

We asked Haitians in civil society organizations, on the streets, in buses, "What do you want from the U.S.? What help can Americans give Haiti?" Here are some of their answers.

Haiti: Where Solidarity Means Survival -- Lessons for the Policy Makers

| Posted 03.19.2010 | World

After the earth heaved, Lina Jean-Juste remembers, "It was a long night. Long, long, long. But you never felt alone. It was a huge collective grief without end. You saw people crying, then they'd sing."

Haiti: Where Solidarity Means Survival (Part II)

| Posted 03.22.2010 | World

Haiti's history is based on displays of gifting and solidarity - forms of sharing and cooperation - toward those surviving on the margins. These displays usually go unnamed and unnoticed.

"Our Bodies Are Shaking Now" -- Rape Follows Earthquake in Haiti

| Posted 03.24.2010 | World

Though there are no statistics on rape during the 10 weeks since the earthquake, reports abound. For women and girls, Haiti's nonfunctioning justice system and inadequate policing is a deadly combination.