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Entries by Bill Barol from 04/2010

A Day In The Life of an Internet Celebrity

| Posted 04.02.2010 | Media

So, yeah: Some of you may know that there's this chick called Justine who bills herself as {Justine with an 'i" in front of the name}.

It's Official: Tiger Woods Has Absolutely No Shame

| Posted 04.07.2010 | Sports

Why on earth would Woods involve his father in the latest step of his carefully stage-managed public mea culpa -- his dead father, not to put too fine a point on it?

Leslie Buck

| Posted 04.30.2010 | New York

Is glory real if it's anonymous? That's one of the questions raised by today's front-page New York Times obit for Leslie Buck, the designer of the iconic Anthora to-go cup.