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Entries by Bill Maher from 07/2007

What Was the Downside?

| Posted 07.03.2007 | Politics
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Besides the obvious -- that you can't, as the president claimed, honor the verdict of the jury and then basically overturn it -- what was the downside for him?

The Business of the Catholic Church

| Posted 07.16.2007 | Healthy Living
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You can imagine my pride yesterday when Los Angeles turned out to be the place where the Catholic Church has had to pay the largest fine ever for diddling kids, $660 million.

George Bush's Jihad Recruitment Drive

| Posted 07.19.2007 | Politics
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The exact opposite of what the president says is true: because we're there, this shit is going to follow us home. You could probably make up a chart with incidents and images on one side, and the number of terrorist recruits on the other.

The Founding Fathers Wouldn't Have Liked George Bush

| Posted 07.20.2007 | Politics
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Not that I don't love all of America, but rednecks who think they're the real America should read a history book once in a while. America was invented by liberal men in Boston and Philadelphia.