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Entries by Bill Maher from 03/2010

New Rule: Killy Ocean

| Posted 03.02.2010 | Comedy

New Rule: Lose Your Kool

| Posted 03.09.2010 | Comedy

New Rule: Let's Not Fire the Teachers When Students Don't Learn -- Let's Fire the Parents

| Posted 03.12.2010 | Comedy

Last week, President Obama defended the firing of every single teacher in a struggling high school in Rhode Island. Yes, America has found a new boogeyman to blame for our crumbling educational system.

New Rule: Chai Noon

| Posted 03.16.2010 | Comedy

New Rule: The More Humans Try to Deny Themselves the Love They Really Want, the Dumber They Look in the End

| Posted 03.19.2010 | Comedy

True love is like a salesman at Home Depot: it only comes along once or twice in a lifetime, so you gotta grab it. Fighting it just makes it worse.

New Rule: Mexico Sh*tty

| Posted 03.23.2010 | Comedy

New Rule: You Can't Use "There Will Be No Cooperation for the Rest of the Year" as a Threat If There Was No Cooperation in the First Half of the Year

| Posted 03.26.2010 | Comedy

Democrats shouldn't listen to people who are now saying they shouldn't attempt anything else big for a while because health care was such a bruising battle. Wrong. Get drunk on this feeling of not backing down.

New Rule: The Bitch Set Me Up

| Posted 03.30.2010 | Comedy