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Entries by Bill Mann from 04/2009

Maddow's Unusual Transition to TV

| Posted 04.09.2009 | Media

The thoughtful Maddow has established a lower-key approach with her "just the facts, ma'am" essays, and she's carved out an important niche for herself at MSNBC.

Limbaugh's Dirty Little Secret of Radio "Success"

| Posted 04.12.2009 | Media

So why is Rush's show so "popular?" Why do hundreds of stations around the country carry his show, the most widely syndicated talkfest in the country? The real story is not generally well-known.

Limbaugh's Love Letter -- To A Huffington Post Blogger!

| Posted 04.19.2009 | Media

"I have actually been moved by what you have written and the way you have written it," Rush Limbaugh wrote to me.

The Parts of The 401(k) Disaster Story 60 Minutes DIDN'T Report

| Posted 04.23.2009 | Media

The whole sordid mostly unreported 401(k) saga largely involves big corporations dumping their pension plans and pushing 401(k)'s and then brazenly gaming the bankruptcy laws.

Hate-talk Radio's Michael Savage's Real-life "Streets of San Francisco" Encounter with SFPD, Film Crew

| Posted 04.27.2009 | Media

I've had the sad journalistic duty of writing about this pathetic-but-popular hatemonger longer than anyone, ever since this braying bigot first surfaced on San Francisco's top-rated radio station.

Media 100 Days: The Laughs Have Just Begun!

| Posted 04.29.2009 | Media
Read More: Cspan, Bush, Media News

The GOP/Fox News clown show has been very funny indeed, and it shows no sign of winding down. Many laughs remain.

The Parliament of Whores: Sen. Specter's Beloved Home

| Posted 04.30.2009 | Huffington Post

Sen. Arlen "The In" Specter, after casting a vote against Pres Obama's budget, made this anything-but-startling statement an interview yesterday: "I...