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Entries by Bill Mann from 05/2009

CNN's Five Most Annoying "Personalities"

| Posted 05.06.2009 | Media

How might CNN get more eyeballs? Dump the annoying people and they have quite a few of them, you may have noticed.

Think You'll Get on Jeopardy!? Sorry, Incorrect Answer!

| Posted 05.14.2009 | Entertainment

You might do well on the show. But actually getting there is, well, brutal -- actually, almost impossible. I found out the hard way.

Fox's "Glee" Rides "Idol's" Coattails, Then Leaves Until Fall

| Posted 05.18.2009 | Entertainment

Glee's pilot Tuesday is more than a bit frenetic, but it's also often well-written and sharp, with lines like this all-too-true one: "Fame is the most important thing in our culture now."

Here's Why the Right Wing Dominates Talk Radio Today

| Posted 05.21.2009 | Media

Ever wonder why the right wing continues to dominate talk radio, even as it loses elections?

TV Cable News: Pro Wrestling Meets The Argument Culture

| Posted 05.28.2009 | Media

Cable news, like talk radio, has coarsened our culture, turning it into a daily sideshow for loudmouths and know-nothings. It's all about the perceived best way to get ratings -- by keeping the pot stirred.