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Entries by Bill Mann from 06/2009

Danger! A Nation of Socialists Lurks Just Across Our Border!

| Posted 06.05.2009 | World

In the current health-care debate, we could learn a lot from our closest neighbors, although, as usual, we probably won't.

Broadcasters' Disgraceful Behavior Leading Up to This Week's Digital Conversion

| Posted 06.11.2009 | Media

Anybody who has any doubts about the outrageous, excessive power of the major broadcasters should examine the sordid history of what's led up to Friday's switch from the analog to the digital spectrum.

Americans Who've Used Canada's Health-Care System Respond to Current Big-Lie Media Campaign

| Posted 06.13.2009 | Media

My wife and I used Canada's health care system for years, and we've been incensed by the lies we've heard back here in the U.S. about how it's supposedly broken.

Millions of 'Dangerous' Socialists Massed on Northern U.S. Border!

| Posted 06.22.2009 | World

Government-run health care is only one thing we Americans can learn from Canada and its "left-leaning" political leaders.

"Big Ed" Schultz Is Keeping Dem Senators' Feet to The Fire

| Posted 06.24.2009 | Media

After a sluggish start on MSNBC this spring, the beefy redhead is en fuego right now with his fiery appeals to follow the public's will to get meaningful health care passed.

The Official All-Jacko 24-Hour Cable Channel Girds Its Loins

| Posted 06.29.2009 | Media

Long after the absurd, mawkish and self-serving tributes to the arguably talented singer/dancer are (blessedly) done, there will certainly come the extended slimefest. And it won't be half as pretty as Michael.