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Entries by Bill Mann from 11/2009

HBO's Revealing Obama Film Goes Behind Campaign Scenes

| Posted 11.01.2009 | Entertainment

By the People: The Election of Barack Obama, is full of never-before-seen footage behind the scenes during the Illinois U.S. Senator's improbable run for the White House.

Fort Hood Reminds Us: Our Gun Laws Are a National Disgrace

| Posted 11.08.2009 | Politics

We have millions of sick Americans who need health insurance. But there are even more of us who live in danger of being shot by an easy-to-obtain weapon.

Handgun Crowd Returns Fire Post Fort Hood -- No Surprise Here

| Posted 11.11.2009 | Politics

Little has changed with the handgun groupies. Certainly not their point of view (summary: "The Second Amendment is the revealed word of God"), no matter how many lone-gunman shooting sprees we have.

Fox Business The Perfect Place For Dobbs' Softball Interviews

| Posted 11.13.2009 | Huffington Post

The best word to describe bejoweled Lou Dobbs? "Droneologist." It's more elegant than "preening, pompous windbag." As a longtime TV and radio new...

A Dobbs Campaign? Battle-Scarred Radio Pro Dave Ross Reveals What Lou Can Expect

| Posted 11.23.2009 | Media

Several polls have shown recently that even the most popular radio talk-show hosts who trade in politics on their shows would never get elected to public office. Take it from Dave Ross.

Hey, Handgun Fans: These Gun Victims Were Heavily Armed

| Posted 11.30.2009 | Politics

The four Seattle-cops were armed, and it didn't stop them from being shot. The "if-only everyone-were-armed" argument was crazy and reckless before this. Now it's been proven beyond a doubt to be ridiculous.