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Entries by Bill Mann from 03/2010

NBC's Vancouver Olympics Coverage Not Too Bad, Eh?

| Posted 03.04.2010 | Sports

As much as it pains this long-time newspaper TV critic to do so, I must admit that NBC did a pretty good job up here in Vancouver.

Right's Lies About Euro Capitalism Exposed in Revealing New Book

| Posted 03.16.2010 | Books

Europe, which has become the world's largest trading bloc, is often branded by Fox News-type know-nothings as the "sick old man" of western economies. Just the opposite is true, says Steven Hill in his new book.

Far-Right GOP's Viciousness, Venom Familiar to Some of Us

| Posted 03.24.2010 | Politics

Being a Republican is in my DNA. I was a registered Republican until 2006. Both my parents were rock-ribbed Republicans when they were alive. But they'd never recognize this current bunch of oleaginous hypocrites and fearmongers.

Network News Execs Playing With Fire in Tea-Party Coverage Decisions

| Posted 03.30.2010 | Media

CNN and MSNBC, by their excessive and irresponsible coverage, have made a small fringe group of far-right crackpots seem much larger and more politically powerful than it is