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Entries by Billy Hallowell from 01/2010

The Media's 'God Gap'

| Posted 01.12.2010 | Media

While efforts to ethnically and sexually balance the newsroom have been underway for quite some time, ideological and theological divides have led to tilted and incomplete coverage in matters of faith.

Hollywood's Oxymoronic Definition of 'Liberal Tolerance'

| Posted 01.15.2010 | Entertainment

Why can't people like Perez Hilton, Cher, and Madonna simply be good liberals and accept -- as their self-professed doctrine would ask them to -- that Americans have unique perspectives and life experiences?

Media Matters' Vapid Response to Air America's Crash

| Posted 01.26.2010 | Media

While Air America's demise is surely a sad day for the precious few who enjoyed leftist radio programming, there's no need for liberal lamentations. The left still dominates the mainstream media.