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Entries by Blake Fleetwood from 12/2006

Bush's Diminishing Ability To Manage Anxiety: A Danger To Us All

| Posted 12.01.2006 | Politics
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Bush lives in a cocoon, afraid of confrontations or even talking to anyone who might disagree with him. Bush is frightened of being humiliated and being compared to his father.

56% of Russians Regret Fall of the Soviet Union 15 years Ago

| Posted 12.09.2006 | Politics
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Many in Russia today consider the role played by Gorbachev and Yeltsin as a conspiracy; the destruction of a powerful, multinational superpower, that need not have happened.

Pinochet Should Have Rotted To Death In A Jail Cell

| Posted 12.10.2006 | Huffington Post

When I told my 91-year-old mother that Augusto Pinochet, died earlier this afternoon, she replied: "I'm Sorry," in a very regretful tone of voice.

Richie Rich: When a Two Million Dollar Xmas Bonus is Chump Change

| Posted 12.16.2006 | Politics
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Christmas is when the money tree explodes in Manhattan. Twenty-nine year old Bonus Babies are scurrying to their brokers to find two-bedroom, 120...

The Other Side of the Coin: Wall Street Bonus Billions are Fair!

| Posted 12.18.2006 | Politics
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When people read about the compensation packages at Goldman, they want to believe the worst. It makes it easier to be who you are, if you believe that those making more money are somehow unworthy or unscrupulous.

Memo to New York Times: How Come You Left Out The $100 Million Bonuses?

| Posted 12.20.2006 | Business
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Another breathtaking article from the New York Times this morning: Goldman Sachs paid Lloyd C. Blankfein, its chairman and chief executive, a bonus o...

Dubya is in the Dumps

| Posted 12.21.2006 | Politics
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Dubya held a press conference yesterday and the reviews from the Warhawks and conservatives were not good. "Unquestionably the most dispirited perfor...

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem Is An Open Air Prison.

| Posted 12.25.2006 | Huffington Post

As we sing about Bethlehem this Christmas day, and retell the story about Joseph and Mary, and the birth of Jesus, we should not forget that The Churc...