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Entries by Bob Burnett from 12/2005

Following Dubya Down the Road to Nowhere

| Posted 12.01.2005 | Huffington Post

Bush confirmed what many of us have long suspected – our plan for Iraq is based upon a Talking Heads hit, “Road to Nowhere.”

The Missing Democratic Agenda

| Posted 12.05.2005 | Politics
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There are two problems with the Democrats' draft agenda: The first is the title, which is wimpy. The second is that the agenda abandons the principle of concentration. It attempts to be all things to all people.

Dems on Iraq, Multiple Choices

| Posted 12.07.2005 | Politics
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From here it appears that Democrats can throw out the Lieberman “stay the course” position and the Emanuel “none of the above” stance. The former for being feckless and the latter as gutless.

Iraq - An Opportunity for Leadership

| Posted 12.09.2005 | Politics
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By advocating withdrawal Democrats indicate that they understand America’s number one priority – fighting the war on terrorism. Others goals for Iraq are less important than defending the homeland.

Tookie Williams - On the Killing Floor

| Posted 12.12.2005 | Huffington Post

What does the US have in common with China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia? All four countries support the death penalty. And, account for most of the world's...

Inside Joe Lieberman

| Posted 12.14.2005 | Politics
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You have to hand it to Karl Rove. Before every election he manages to convince a prominent Democrat to abandon his Party and support President Bush. ...

The Terrorists are Coming, The Terrorists are Coming

| Posted 12.16.2005 | Business
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Paul Revere's warning is comparable to that issued last week by the 9/11 Commission. They're bellowing, "The terrorists are coming!" Yet, most Americans are unaware of the Administration's failure to protect them.

Dictator Dubya

| Posted 12.19.2005 | Politics
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Two hundred thirty years ago the Founders rejected similar activity, by another George. It was despotism then, it is despotism now.

Bush's Gift to America - Endless War

| Posted 12.20.2005 | Huffington Post

According to the President there are only two positions on terrorists: One is to continue to fight them in Iraq. The other is to “leave them alone.” The choice is between “victory” and “defeat.”

Ten Political Christmas Wishes

| Posted 12.23.2005 | Huffington Post

Convert to Christianity, George Bush. Abandon the fundamentalist pabulum you’ve been spouting. Pay attention to the teachings of Jesus: The admonition to tell the truth. Not to murder. To care for the poor...

2005 - That Was the Year That Was

| Posted 12.27.2005 | Politics
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As America staggers out of 2005, it’s time to look back at what hit us. There were five major events: Bush deflation, Republican corruption, Iraq quicksand, American shame, and Mother Nature acts out.

A New Years' Resolution - Resist Facism

| Posted 12.30.2005 | Entertainment
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The Declaration of Independence reads, “The history of [King George 3] is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct objec...