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Entries by Bob Burnett from 01/2011

Barack Obama and the Three Envelopes

| Posted 01.07.2011 | Politics

While it's not clear that Barack Obama is doomed to be a one-term President, he does not have the Bill Clinton gift for translating big national problems into words the average voter can understand.

Is the Giffords' Shooting a Teachable Moment?

| Posted 01.14.2011 | Politics

While the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords seems like a teachable moment, there remains the vexing question of how to take advantage of this. It's worth revisiting the teachings of Jesus.

Show Us the Jobs: Obama's State of the Union Challenge

| Posted 01.21.2011 | Politics

President Obama should learn from his Tucson speech and make the State of the Union address simple and personal. The president will be standing in front of the 112th session of Congress, where the House of Representatives is controlled by a raucous Republican majority. His speech could well set the tone of the next two years. Obama needs to take command of the bully pulpit to say to Congress: We've stabilized the economy. Now we need to work together to create more jobs.

Obama Wins Round One

| Posted 01.28.2011 | Politics

The president's stirring speech contrasted with the tepid Republican responses delivered by Representatives Paul Ryan and Michele Bachmann and established the ideological battle lines for the next election.