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Entries by Bob Cesca from 12/2009

Obama's Unavoidable Cure for the Afghanistan Cancer

| Posted 12.02.2009 | World

Are we willing to allow eight years of mistakes and mismanagement to go unmitigated, or do we risk more lives trying to at least clean up some of the mess before we bug out?

Contradictory Republicans Still Flummoxed By Medicare

| Posted 12.09.2009 | Politics

A contradiction problem has been a feature of Bush Republicanism for a while now, but it's only during the past year that the gap between contradictory statements has narrowed down to just 24 hours.

I'm Really Pissed Off About Health Care Reform

| Posted 12.16.2009 | Politics

I'm pissed off at health care reform. I'm pissed off at this endless process of emotional highs and lows and exhilaration and dejection and history and infamy.

Republican Hypocrisy on Terrorism Reaches New Levels of Awful

| Posted 12.30.2009 | Politics

Preside over the biggest terrorist attack in American history and it's an epic win for President Bush. Preside over a failed attack and it's an epic fail for President Obama.