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Entries by Bob Franken from 09/2007

Lethargy by Another Name

| Posted 09.18.2007 | Politics

What we get instead of bold proposals are sound bites, carefully calibrated to create the illusion that the campaign is dealing with the national issues of the day. What they're really doing is pandering.

Gays and Children

| Posted 09.19.2007 | Politics

Not only are children born out of wedlock still known as illegitimate, but so, in much of society's view, are same sex lovers.

Under the Shady Money Tree

| Posted 09.20.2007 | Politics

About the only people who even act surprised when these shenanigans surface, are the candidates. No one else is surprised anymore.

Move On Strike Out

| Posted 09.21.2007 | Politics

The Dems are pretty bush league, not ready to play in the Bush league in this dirty rough political sport.


| Posted 09.24.2007 | Huffington Post

Am I dreaming? Instead of binding international treaties, President Bush according to top administration officials, favors controlling global warmin...

Empty Shell vs Empty Shell

| Posted 09.25.2007 | Business

How quaint. The United Auto Workers are striking General Motors. Talk about a blast from the past. A past when the UAW and GM weren't hollow shells.

Small Change

| Posted 09.26.2007 | Politics

It was nice to see my peeps in Little Rock have their congratulatory Central High School homecoming reunion yesterday, but after 50 years, enlightenment is a long way off.

Flying Low

| Posted 09.27.2007 | Huffington Post

What single sentence do you hear more than any other in the airport these days? That's easy: "Watch out when you go to the men's room". I'm tempt...

Air Travel Unravelled

| Posted 09.28.2007 | Huffington Post

Ok fellow travellers. We have President Bush on board. Or we will pretty soon. Apparently realizing that it's not all that long before he'll hav...