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Entries by Bob Franken from 07/2008

Don't Run it Up the Flagpole

| Posted 07.01.2008 | Politics

Can we just stipulate that each of the candidates devoutly loves this country, since there's no way to disprove otherwise? Slimy rumormongering just won't cut it.

No Time for Obama Sweet-Talking

| Posted 07.10.2008 | Huffington Post

Here's the problem, Senator Obama: Your sly efforts to scale back and gently reassure skittish voters you won't bring radical change come at a time...

Tony, Tim and Tradition

| Posted 07.12.2008 | Politics

Both Snow and Russert were champions of the honorable disagreement, where skeptical reporters and passionate advocates could hash out the best solutions to society's problems through intense debate.

Management Problems Wherever You Look

| Posted 07.17.2008 | Politics

The "More of the Same with John McCain" campaign continues its uphill ride on the Straight Talk Express. McCain's best hope is is that the Democrats will find some ridiculous way to lose this election.

The Tourist Season

| Posted 07.19.2008 | Huffington Post

Isn't this sweet? Even our presidential candidates understand that in , we must never stop striving for personal growth...for adding new and knowl...

Campaign Exhibition Games

| Posted 07.25.2008 | Huffington Post

It seems like any minute, journalists might start singing "Obama Mia" Which is it? Is it Barack Obama's butt-kicking campaign or the big "Kick Me" ...

Raining on All the Parades

| Posted 07.29.2008 | Media

As someone who has consistently tried to be a skunk at every candidate's picnic, I have agonized watching colleagues' adoring coverage of Obama and his non-stop photo-ops.

Smear and Boating on the Campaign Trail

| Posted 07.30.2008 | Politics
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Never mind that the challenges to John Kerry's Vietnam war record were largely made up. They did huge damage to John Kerry, who was so taken aback...