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Entries by Bonnie Fuller from 03/2008

Listen Up Team Clinton: A Fashion Makeover Can Make Hillary More Electable! Ignore This Advice At Your Peril!

| Posted 03.07.2008 | Entertainment

Here's something no one will say: Obama-mania wasn't born simply because he speaks well. Let's face it, he's sexy! Now Hillary can fight back, not by sexing up but by softening and styling up her look.

Eliot Spitzer's Biggest Challenge — Winning Back the Trust of His Daughters!

| Posted 03.12.2008 | Entertainment

Whether your father has an affair or anonymous sex, it's all the same and it's even more devastating when the world knows about it.

Battle of the Cheaters! Who Does It More: Hollywooders or Politicos?

| Posted 03.19.2008 | Entertainment

Looks like Hollywood has been outdone! David Paterson, Eliot Spitzer and Jim McGreevey could be besting infamous cheaters Jude Law, Hugh Grant and Charlie Sheen.

Lynne and Jamie Spears — You've Got To Stop "Pimping" Out Your Daughters Now!

| Posted 03.27.2008 | Entertainment

If you want real life comebacks, don't let Jamie Lynn sell her newborn's photos for $1 million and don't push Britney back to work!