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Entries by Bradley Burston from 07/2009

Slapping Obama, or Please God, Keep Israel from Making Peace

| Posted 07.02.2009 | World

Everyone who lives here is a hostage. We know it, even if we are often surprised anew by the specific people who are currently holding us hostage, staving off progress toward a future peace.

This Is What Is Wrong With a Jewish State

| Posted 07.09.2009 | World

It's up to a Jewish state to recognize when a policy of collective punishment is self-defeating as well as immoral, and to call a halt. It's up to this Jewish state to redefine patriotism.

Will Israel Grant Asylum to Fascism?

| Posted 07.14.2009 | World

Fascism thrives on legality, it lawyers up every chance it gets, the better to use any institution of democracy to quietly and methodically corrupt and demolish every institution of democracy.

The Painful Cost to Israel of Its Settler Adventure

| Posted 07.20.2009 | World

Settlement in remote areas has siphoned off critically needed funds for infrastructure, housing and social welfare in central Israel, as well as funds for dangerous roadways on which 440 died last year.

Mr. Obama, Have a Talk With These Israelis, and Soon

| Posted 07.27.2009 | Politics

You are in danger of losing critical support for progress toward a two-state solution. Though you have been president for only five months, you are fast running out of time.